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Dear Hindus,

  1. Something sensational.
  2. 2. Please watch this one hour long video with a lot of attention. You will be shocked what is happening in our country. I am sure you can spare one hour to know the truth and how we are being taken for a ride by our own people.
  3. The gist is given as under.
  4. Mr Vishnu Shankar Jain, Advocate of Supreme Court, took case about the restoration of Mathura Krishna Janma bhumi. The local court dismissed the pleas, on the ground (a) that compromise took place between Krishna Janmabhumi Trust (KJT) and Muslims (b) it will flare communal trouble. The advocate took the case to District court and proved that compromised between KJT and Muslim was fraud generated by Mr Ayingar, that time Bihar Governor and Mr Misra, that time CM of MP, (both bigwigs of congress party) and Muslims. This case has been admitted, now, and hearing is in Nov 2020.
  5. Waft board ( it is illegal to establish this board and also minority commission having minority minister at the center govt) is the third largest party to hold land in India. First is a railway and second is Defense. Waft board can legally claim any land in India by giving notice to the waft board, state govt, but not keeping the owner,(private, society or trust) of the land in picture. Thereafter the legal board ( of two Muslims— one from minority ministry and one from Waft Board– and one rep of Govt) is constituted by govt ,can declare the land as waft land legally. It will always be in favor of Waft as two out of three members are Muslims. This act was passed in 1991 and 1995 by Parliament of India. This is the biggest fraud by Indian Parliament against the country.(It is something like communal violence act 2013/2014, which could not be passed by congress due to change of Govt)
  6. The general public is not aware of the above two issues. Media did not bring this point also. This amounts to Land Jihad. ”Roshani Act, “brought by Farukh Abdulla and Ms Mufti, in J and K is also big land fraud, selling land of Govt and Kashmiri pandits, at the rate of Rs 100/- per acre to Muslims only. The Roshani act has been, now, challenged in court.
  7. Four years ago, Hindus of J and K were declared as     Minority by SC, but money (Rs 4700 Cr per year) is still being given to Muslims in J and K.
  8. Mr Vishnu Shankar Jain, the young Advocate of SC, objected to these two issues. He had courage to do this.
  9. We, majority of Hindus are still not objecting to such issues (Please see my email on Hindus not objected/objecting on wrong being done, sent today.). We are not even aware of ,what is happening in our country
  10. Please circulate this video. Educate Hindus.(The link is also htpp://
  11. Re-Request watch complete video, and understand implications.


— Major General V S Karnik (Retired) PhD (Management)(25 Oct 2020)


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