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See this video:

This video shows an extraordinary daring act by two guys. They must have good reason to do so.
Below  are countless people in Hindusthan (Bhaarat) who would like to do this act also –
Those who feel that the INSPIRATION to kill the little sons of Guru Gobind Singhji and to behead Guru Tegh Bahadur ji in broad daylight in Delhi was provided by THIS anti Kafir book.
Those who believe that THIS book is behind the break up of a great civilized, all embracing, tolerant, democratic and secular country like India in 1947.
Those whose daughters, wives or mothers were abducted, raped and then killed or CONVERTED to Islam in India from 712 AD to date by the followers and readers of THIS book.
The offspring of all those who were FORCED into embracing ISLAM under the threat of “ISLAM OR DEATH”? This is how peaceful “Hindu/Buddhist” Kashmir (“Switzerland of Asia”) became “Islamic” (“HELL”) within months during the rule of bigoted emperor Aurangzeb.
The Non Muslim parents of over 300 school girls who were abducted at the point of gun by Islamic terrorists in Nigeria.
The parents of Lee Rigby, a soldier in the British army, who was walking along the road, minding his business, in London.
The parents and family of Alan Henning, a Briton who was beheaded by Daesh.
The Yazidis, etc.


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