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To hitaya, bcc: stop-corruption-worldwide

I urge Hindu Americans to read this article that appeared in Sunday Guardian by Arvind Kumar during the 2016 Presidential election.  While the article is written in the context of Hillary Clinton as democratic presidential candidate, it refers to the ‘Biden Amendment’ and points to the deep and vicious hatred towards India and Hindus by democratic party leadership from establishing USCIRF to punishing sanctions against India and funding Pakistan.   It is a biggest eye opener to many (politically) dumb but educated Hindu Americans who sit in front of CNN (or even Fox news) and think they know world politics.

Things have only worsened with democratic party moving more far left, we see Biden speaking against article 370 and CAA and Kamala Harris (as Presidential candidate) saying as a commander-in-chief will take action against India on Kashmir and categorizing India as an abuser.  Six democratic party ruled US cities have passed anti-India anti-CAA resolutions.  Tomorrow, as loosely formed Antifa is increasingly infiltrated by violent Islamist elements Hindu American business establishment will be the next biggest targets across the country.  Our children who are increasingly alienated from their roots could be unrecognizable in their beliefs in just one generation.   Hindu Americans need a proven leader like Trump, who is standing up to radical left, to the Islamists and not converting the US into another third world country.

With aggressive and expansionist China, India could face a violent face off with China on one side and Pakistan on other.   Will Biden/Kamala leadership help India?  Biden actually helped the rise of China and worse, his corrupt and debauchery son Hunter Biden has deep connections to the China establishment.    Please read this article on the Hill magazine that is a must read on how close Biden is to China.   Biden is also very close to Pakistan and was honored as ‘Hilal-i-Pakistan (Crescent of Pakistan).  He supported 1.5 billion dollar/year aid to Pakistan.   On other hand, during the recent India clash with China, Trump sent both Nimitz and Reagan warships to support India which no US President has done.  He stopped funding Pakistan and called their bluff.   India needs a proven friend in White house during these extremely challenging times.

Are we going to do the right thing, or are we prepared to commit suicide?

Clinton presidency will be a disaster for India

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