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Subject: Re: Controversial Ram Mandir inauguration in Ayodhya, Should the Sikh Leadership be a part of it?

A couple of things I just remembered.

Not a single Guru sahib has said or written anywhere that Sikhism is a separate Dharam. It was only Sikh panth, like bhakti panth or dadu panth!! When Hari Mandir (Golden Temple) was built, it housed the traditional hindu sacred books as well as Sikh sacred books which came later. When the sikhs decided to become separate, the Hindu leader Pt Madan Mohan Malviya moved out with all hindu sacred books rather than have an argument and fight. Hari Mandir now became Harmandar Saheb. A new temple was built outside Amritsar. It was called Durgiana Mandir and it was a copy of Golden Temple, minus the gold. Durga was a name of Mata Vaishno Devi.

In my maternal ancestral village, we had no mandir or gurdwara. All books were kept and given due respect in a Dharamsaal. Later on, a mandir and a gurdwara were created.

The tenth guru, Govind Rai ji, created panj pyare, gave them the names of Singh (Lions !!) and then requested them to make him also a Singh. He was thus named Govind Singh.


Let there be no doubt. Hindus and Sikhs belong to the same family !!

Regards and best wishes………….   KKP.

On Friday, August 7, 2020, 01:06:01 p.m. EDT, Krishan K Punchhi < > wrote:

The great Guru Govind Singh ji got his inspiration for kirpan from Mata Vaishno Devi, who carries a kirpan for destroying the paapis. She has many names like Vaishno Devi, Bhagwati, Shakti etc. The tenth Guru included her name in the Sikh ardas which now started as ” Pratham Bhagwati simar ke, Nanak naam dhiyaye….. “.

My family used to make the eldest son into a sikh. I have many Sikh relatives !!………Regards  Krishan Kumar Punchhi.

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Mananiya Shri Chelvapila,

Thank you very much for describing the reality so well and exposing the evil designs of our enemies who stand to gain by creating divisions within the Hindu nation.

I find your writings full of wisdom and truth that need to be circulated widely. An average citizen may not realize that there is not only STRENGTH but also SURVIVAL in unity. The COMMON enemy that captured Delhi has eyes on SRINAGAR, and finally on DELHI.

The martial song composed by Guru Gobind Singhji was perfectly suited for our FIGHTERS then who resisted the Mogul rule. It is now perfectly suitable for the Bharatiya Army of today.

Credit goes to Shri Modi who is showing conviction (and PRIDE) in NATIVE traditions, values and literature.

This is a very healthy trend and needs to be encouraged rapidly and universally.



7 August 2020


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Subject: Re: Controversial Ram Mandir inauguration in Ayodhya, Should the Sikh Leadership be a part of it?

Sri Rama Jayam

Dear Sri R Singh,

Thanks, you said it well. Sikhs not only should be part of renovation, rebuilding of Sri Rama temple in Ayodhya but also should take important roles subsequently as well.

This schism between Hindus and Sikhs is despicable. Throughout history, as you know, it did not exist. Only with dawn of modern era starting with British imperialists, their agent, Macauliff Singh, writing and canvassing started bogus division. The Hindu-Sikh split is as fraudulent as two nation theory that was used to divide India.

The Hindu families’ eldest son grew to be a Sikh while rest remained Hindu. Sikhs, Hindus then in those days did not feel separate nor were there any practical, theoretical divisions.  Until recently there was also temple for Shakti at Golden temple.


Great Guru Govind Singh wrote Ramayana in Sanskrit, he followed Valmiki in this regard. When he took out his sword at the start of Khalsa, he asserted that the sword is Durga and she is calling for sacrifices, five Hindus from different parts of India, stood up. Each one taken into the tent, while Guru returned with blood stained sword. Everyone thought that the five gave their life for a greater cause than themselves. It was at that time, Guru brought all five into open, had them seated while he washed their feet. Khalsa was born.

Hindus and Sikhs with no distinctions, were soldiers of Khalsa that was born as a result of people of India, Hindus to be specific.

For instance, Banda Bairagi becoming Banda Singh Bahadur well illustrated the oneness and unbreakable bonds between the two communities.

Banda Singh Bahadur – Wikipedia

Born as Lachman Dev, became a Hindu ascetic at age of 15, becoming Banda Bairagi, met Guru Govind Singh became Sikh warrior well known as Banda Saheb. He won many wars.

People of India in general did not know about sinister dynasty politics that encouraged schism which in turn sadly brought splits , encouraged every difference as a separatist barrier, disturbed much the spirit of unity that always sustained by Gurus, self-sacrificing heroes from all walks of life, all regions while at the same time observing their own different ways  yet unlike in any other part of the world, India that was  Bharath retained union.  And will undoubtedly do so for all times to come, notwithstanding short-sighted shibboleths being thrown at most noble endeavor of bringing back Surya Vamsi Sri Rama along with his entourage to the magnificent temple He once had in Ayodhya.

Guru Govind Singh in his book Vichitra Natak, cosmic drama wrote an autobiography. He traced his as well as Guru Nanak’s origin from two sons of Sri Rama, Lava and Kusa. Please listen to patriotic song written from Guru Govind Singh. He did not commit any lapses of viewing Hindus Sikhs separate.

Indian Patriotic Song on words of 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singhji by Brigade of Guards Army Band


Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke at auspicious time of starting rebuilding Sri Rama Temple in Ayodhya, every word he said ought to be part of text books in India especially from childhood so that at least coming generations will be free from cobwebs of confusion woven by enemies of India to fragment India which will never happen again.

You said it right, happy to repeat it;

“Should the Sikh Leadership be a part of it?” (Subject line).


Sat Sri Akal    Har Har Mahadev  Jai Sri Rama  Vandemataram

Best wishes,

G V Chelvapilla

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