Love jihad includes cheating of non-Muslim girls by Muslim boys under a well planned and funded tactics and strategy actions.

Because it is cheating or breaking of promises made to the victim girl by the Muslim boy, we need a low to punish such criminals.

The new law should include all or as many as below provisions as punishment:

  • Life time prison, and only vegetarian food served in the prison
  • Confiscate all the property or land of the boy and give it to the victim girl
  • Neuter the boy surgically
  • Take away his voting rights
  • Hang the boy

Hindus need to press the gov’t with unity on streets for creating such a law.

Till it happens, the brave groups of Hindu youths can punish the Muslim love jihadis as severely as they can, and do it silently; but let the media know that it was a revenge to the jihadi’s criminal acts. When a few jihadis are punished by the public like that, the jihadis will fear to do love jihad.

So, the Hindus need to terrorize the terrorists and jihadis.

Please keep arms and know how to use arms and when to use arms against the asuras.

Our ultimate goal should be to make Bhaarat a Vedic/Hindu State, not secular, where Islam will be illegal.

jaya sri krishna!

Suresh Vyas


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