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People of Hindusthan lived in peace without any desire to invade other countries to loot gold and abduct (& rape) girls of the defeated. Being civilized, they never stooped down to such bestiality.

The only thing lacking was unity among the natives and the Will to “teach the invaders a lesson” NEVER to appear again. Hence defeat after defeat followed, millions were slaughtered and millions of girls and women abused, abducted and raped, even sold at open auctions in Kabul, Ghazni and Kandahar. Every temple that came in their way, was razed to ground. World famous Somnath, Mathura and Varanasi mandirs did not escape the brutality of the intolerant barbarians!

At last the grandest and the most magnificent Temple in Ayodhya met the same fate like the others. That was 1526 AD. The invader was Babur, the ruler of Afghanistan. He destroyed the Sri Raam temple in Ayodhya and built a mosque on top of the rubble. But history has seen empires come up and then vanish.

Though the hated Mogul Empire was finished off in 1857, the Temple still remained a ruin since the new Colonial masters from Europe, too, were the “People of Book”, they did not wish the Temple to be re-built.

The most sacred spot in Bharat had to wait for the end of another evil, hostile anti national and anti Hindu, “Empire” (NEHRU DYNASTY) when Bharat, now minus Lahore and Dhaka, got real freedom.

Congratulations to Adityanath Yogi and Narendra Modi, the bold and patriotic duo who allowed the Temple to be re-built, rejecting mischievous Muslim objections whose tolerance of mandirs and Hindus is known to the world.

The FOUNDATION STONE will be laid on August 5, 2020 in the presence of the patriotic and proud prime minister himself.

First requirement will be to ENSURE safety of the VVIP’s. Thereafter the construction should go ahead uninterrupted. It should not only be a place for pujaa but also house many complexes and wings like University of Hindu Theology, Sri Raam, Guru Gobind Singh and Shivaji Foundations, a large library, hospital, Orphanage, Institute of Journalism and Media, and television and radio broadcasting stations with worldwide reach, broadcasts in several world languages and an INTERNATIONAL airport named “Sri Raam International Airport, AYODHYA.

As millions of pilgrims are expected to come to Ayodhya from all over the world, there should be SUBSIDIZED hotel rooms to rent, excellent taxi service and a well-stocked office of Bharatiya Tourist Board with maps of holy places and tourist spots to take away.

Eventually, Delhi, as capital, should be DISCARDED, since it has seen too much bloodshed and the destruction of its own grand Temple where Jama Masjid now stands as an ugly reminder of Islamic barbarity and intolerance. The capital should be moved to AYODHYA.

There is plenty of scope to improve on LUTYEN’S architecture and grand buildings in New Delhi.  An entirely new and most modern capital of Hindusthan should be built in Ayodhya.

Finally, there should be direct and indirect flights to Ayodhya (“Sri Raam International Airport”) from London, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, Perth, Sydney, Bangkok, Beijing and Tokyo.

Three more holy shrines should be built in Sri Raam’s sacred city, a Buddhist Temple, a Sikh Gurdwara and a Jain Temple in order to make Ayodhya the comprehensive befitting center of world spirituality and divinity.


24 July 2020

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