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I request all readers of this comment to share this comment with others, especially with the KKKs, so that they too know the truth about who is an Arya or Aryan. According to the greatest epic Mahaabhaarat, which is 5000+ years old, and describes a great war that was fought in India, Arya or Aryan is not a race at all. Arya or Aryan is a person who understands that the Veda is given to mankind by God in the beginning of creation; the Veda provides complete spiritual science providing several processes living per which any human can advance spiritually. As one advances spiritually, one lives more and more sin-free. Therefore, when one strives to live per a Vedic process to advance spiritually, then he/she is an Arya or Aryan.

Thus all Hindus are Aryans, and all Hare Krishnas, and all who do yoga or meditation are Aryans. Thus, any race that claims to be Aryan is not an Aryan if he/she does not live per the Vedic or Hindu Dharma, which is universal religion for mankind. The short summary of the 20,000 mantra Veda is 700-verse Bhagavad Gita, which is a chapter in Mahabharat.
The god that is described in the Veda is not partial to any race, and loves all the living beings He created. Therefore, in the eyes of god, no race is superior or inferior. The Vedic god is not jealous of anyone because He is the Supreme, all powerful, all knowing, and who is everywhere, within every living being and out as well. So, please help any Supremacist to understand this, and encourage him/her to become a real Aryan, not fake as defined by Hitler.
jaya sri krishna!

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