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Now from the realm of Sociology and Psychology:  To motivate a people to break away from deeply entrenched tradition of non violence and submission, to get ready to fight, they need to be made aware of the dangers ahead. Purpose, or need, determines motivation.
Up to now no leader has told the Hindus that dangers lie ahead, or our future will be our past (centuries’ long slavery). No wonder, most Hindus yawn when we mention the most devastating Islamic aggression in 1947 (Partition) or seem perturbed when we mention the destruction of all the temples by a certain vicious community who has set their eyes on DELHI! 
When World War 2 started, within days people took up arms and were ready to fight! Germans and Japanese were called “enemies”.  In OUR case “Islam” struck again and again, and finally captured one third of India (five provinces) on one day and yet the Muslims were “bhai bhai”! There was NO resistance, NO retaliation, NO backlash! NO counter attack!
This points to an important area that has been badly neglected so far. We forget our defeats. We forget our dead. The others do not. Bosnian Muslims are still clamouring for “justice” against the Serbs. Palestinians have not ceased fire in Israel. World War 1 and 2 are recalled regularly in Europe. Right now Battle of Britain, that took place in 1941, is being commemorated in the UK. There are memorials galore to the heroes and to the dead. 
In our case (BHARAT) even the two million massacred in 1947 have NO Memorial to honour their memory! At the time of Guru Gobind Singhji, the Hindu nation was in the middle of “bloodbath” (daily 100,000 “janyu” burnt!). Hence he could find volunteers to take on the mighty Mogul Emperor. 
At this time, however, most Hindus, and all the millions of Sadhus and Sants, do NOT perceive any threat or danger from any side. False sense of security prevails in the Lok Sabha and across Bharat, too. TEN MILLION “Sadhus and Sants” who gather at KUMBH, come and go without leaving a trace behind! Such a vast number, if made AWARE of Mohammed bin Qasim, Abdali, Babur and Aurangzeb, Partition and the KORAN, will be 10 million strong “ARMY” of Sri Ram. But we face a formidable obstacle!
It is the pseudo-secular anti national CONSTITUTION, enacted AFTER the “man-eating” Islamic TIGER had been let out of the cage. It makes it ILLEGAL for the defeated (the HINDUS) to prepare them for the next (ISLAMIC) onslaught! 
TRAITOR Nehru’s Law dictates, “Muslims will enjoy the same rights as the Hindus in Bharat.” It means that if you militarise the Hindus, then you must also militarise the Muslims!
So we must, 
1.  Make the Hindus, living in the fools’ world, realise that DELHI CAN GO THE WAY OF LAHORE unless we learn to FIGHT.
2.  Change the Constitution. In the new Constitution the rights of the Muslims and the Hindus will NOT be the same. Muslims, under the leadership of barrister Mohammed Ali Jinnah, broke up India in order to establish a separate Islamic homeland for themselves (“Pakistan”) while India (Bharat) suffered a crushing defeat and came under threat from THREE sides (Pakistan, Bangladesh and China).  Therefore, the present Constitution is only good for the pre-Partition India. For the post-Partition India (Bharat) there must be a new Constitution in which EQUAL RIGHTS for the Muslims will be subject to DISSOLUTION of Pakistan. Hindu nation (the majority community in Bharat) cannot be treated as voiceless slaves or “taken for a ride”.
Let us show guts and openly declare, “Muslims will have the SAME Constitutional rights in Bharat as the Hindus have in Pakistan and Bangladesh.”
12 July 2020

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