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AZAAN (Call to Prayer in Arabic) must be banned, especially in (“Muslim MUKT”) PARTITIONED India where “Population Transfer” had to be the obligatory CONDITION at the time of the Surrender of Karachi, Multan, Lahore, Khyber Pass, Gilgit, Sylhet, Dhaka and Chitagong in 1947.

It is “OFFENSIVE” to the civilized non-Muslims who don’t climb minarets and shout CALLS to prayer at their Mandirs, synagogues and churches.

Furthermore, there are no “JAAHILS” now as there were in Arabia during 7th century AD who need to be shouted at. Then the illiterate Bedouins knew the time of the day by seeing the position of the sun during the day and the stars at night. Today everyone has a smart phone or a watch to know the time of prayer at his mosque. Why should the rest of peace-loving mankind, who are not interested in Namaaz or Islam, be bothered?

People giving Azaan should be PROSECUTED for disturbing the seriously ill patients in hospitals, those trying to catch a wink after hard work, those concentrating at their jobs, those studying for university examinations, the surgeons doing heart transplants, scientists engrossed in serious research work, the little babies trying to sleep and those in laboratories trying to discover a vaccine for the Coronavirus.

If the churches, mandirs, synagogues and gurdwaras ALL start calling the Faithful by yelling & shouting from ROOF TOPS, there will be no peace on earth. Even the birds will leave the towns.

A complaint against the practice of Azaan should be launched with the UNO or matter reported to President Donald Trump, the world’s most powerful man!

Even some Pakistanis may have left the land of their “Rasul Allah” due to continuous loud calls to prayers back home. A Survey needs to be carried out. Not all the “Momins” may be “begeistert” (excited about being SHOUTED AT, five times a day from Dawn till Dusk). Some are Professors at universities, some senior surgeons at hospitals, some even pregnant women who are afraid that such loud noises may distort the psychology of their newly born babies to make them “zombis” for the rest of life. The pregnant women desperately need peace and quiet!

Is it necessary to disturb the ‘bird watcher’ at dawn and the angler at dusk? We ask, “Must one drop the binoculars and the other drop his angling rod just at the moment of great discovery, or a good catch, in order to do namaaz at mosque?

Special message for the Imams, Mullahs & Maulvis in the sacred divine land called “Hindusthan” where God sent more “Prophets, Messengers and Avtaars” than all the rest put together. There was Sri Krishna, good two thousand years before Mohammed and Gautam Buddha who was born more than a thousand years before Islam began with the destruction of the Temple where Mohammed’s own parents used to pray.

Indian gods and goddesses were contemporaries of the gods & goddesses of the Greeks, the Egyptians and the Inca and Maya Indians in Latin America. Those lands were far more civilized than the Arabs at any time in history.

When Alexander of Macedonia passed through Arabia with his soldiers, his scribes wrote, “We saw more “Jaahils” in the desert of Arabia than all the trees in a forest.” They marched on to the Land of gods & goddesses, Hindusthan. What they saw in Punjab opened their eyes. They found Vedas and Gita and met saints and sages. None shouted “azaans” in those good days.

Today there is the cry of azaan even in Nankana Sahib where God blessed mankind with the last “Rasul Allah” on earth! But ingrained inferiority complex of slaves dictates that you will honor the FOREIGNER (read Anwar Shaikh of Cardiff: “Islam is Arab Imperialism”!) like the rootless foolish Hindus honoring Italian born Sonia Maino “Gandhi”, a staunch Catholic, calling her a “Graduate from Cambridge University”!

“For Allah’s sake, O Muezzin, if PANJABI is your mother tongue, you are crying in the Arabic language that your own mothers neither speak nor understand. O’ you INCONSIDERATE “JAAHILS”, cut it out now! You went to sleep in the 7th century AD, WAKE UP in the 21st century AD!”

“There are BETTER, and more peaceful religions that are NATIVE TO SOIL. Get rid of your INFERIORITY COMPLEX. No need to “ape” (copy) your Arab masters who still regard you “Hindu”!”

It is the age of Computer, not the Age of Camel! Mankind has progressed to space flight from donkey ride!

RISE O’ Pakistani “brother”. RISE O’ Pakistani sister! Break your ideological shackles. Be FREE. Read what the great conqueror Alexander of Macedonia said of the INDIAN culture and civilization in 325 BC (Before Christ) when he was presented with copies of Vedas and Gita!


29 June 2020

PS: Please disseminate widely, especially among MP’s at Lok Sabha.


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