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*Highway Hotel With Hindu Names And Chelia Muslim Owners, Not Allowing Any Hindu Hotel To Run In Competition … Exposing a Dangerous Business Model …*

The only thing unfair or illegal in their business model is that they do not employ Hindus, and fund jihadis.  Any illegal thing they are doing can be dealt with legal process. Hindus can unite and compete with them with a better business model.

To make Bhaarat a Vedic State, the Hindus need to economically boycott Muslims.

– Suresh Vyas

You will find all such hotels on the highway of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, which will be named ‘Aashirvad’, ‘Sahyog’, ‘Bhagyodaya’, ‘Sarvodaya’, ‘Alankar’, ‘Tulsi’, ‘Best’ etc. Hindu name .. !! But, the chain of these hotels, which has thousands of hotels, is run by “Chelia Muslims” from Banaskantha, Gujarat .. !!

*Not a single Hindu is given a job in these hotels .. Chelia Group of Hotels has its head office in Ahmedabad. Their entire purchase is ‘centralized’. They deal in ‘bulk’ with companies making direct cold drinks, namkeen etc .. Then supply it in every hotel. As far as possible, these purchases are done only by Muslims. Their hotels include inverter battery, R. O. A Muslim who supplies water etc. is also a Muslim ..*

They name their hotels as Hindu names and write “only whaz”. And their hotels also look neat and clean .. Therefore, Hindus are attracted towards their hotels … They believe that, withdraw money from Hindus and bring it among the Muslims .. !!

*Their entire business franchise is based on the model … They have a cooperative committee, which is registered in the Minorities Commission, as a minority committee. In this committee, the country is a member of millions of Chelia Muslims from abroad and all contribute their own. Then, seeing a good place on the highway, they buy it at a very high price. Then make a sales account for the purchase of that hotel .. and hand over the hotel to a Muslim to run .. !!*

* ‘Chelia Muslims’ from all over the world gather in Muharram only, in their villages. Then we calculate the profit and loss of each hotel. Therefore, during Muharram, for about 20 days, 90% of the hotels on the highway of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan are closed .. *

* They give very expensive gifts to the driver of the buses so that, the driver stops the bus at their hotel .. !! *

*They have a very large centralized purchase depot in Sarkhej, Ahmedabad. There is cold storage to keep your own potatoes onions etc .. They buy potato onion, ginger, etc. at very cheap prices, directly from farmers on the season .. !!*

* In a report published in “Economics Times – Ahmedabad”, the total capital of this Chelia Hotels has reached around 3000 crores at the moment .. !!

*And the value of their total assets will be Rs 10,000 crore at this time ..*

* This “Chelia groups of hotels” is a very dangerous model of taking money out of the pockets of Hindus and distributing it among Muslims .. *

*Sadly, till now, Hindus could not understand this dirty game of Chelia Muslims and eat them in their hotels and make them financially stronger… and then some of this money also goes to the terrorists….*

* It is more dangerous that these people do not allow any Hindu hotel to run .. *

* Forward to ALL *

* (All the hotels on Mumbai-Nashik highway are of Hindu names by these Muslim people)


5 thoughts on “Highway Hotel With Hindu Names And Chelia Muslim Owners

  1. The method adopted is totally un acceptable.This amounts to cheating.Appropriate case must be filled in the SC.since cheating the public on any form is cognisable offence.

  2. Yes this type of hotels should not use by hindus. Hindus have awarness about this type of thing.

  3. MODIJI Amithshah BJP’s Government … what are they doing since 9 yrs ??

  4. Ahmedabad — it’s old name is Karnavathi ! Yogi Adityanath changed Allahabad to PRAYAG . BUT MODIJI Amithshah BJP’s Government could not do since 19 years…

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