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“Dharti Mata Ki Jaya!”

Yesterday (8 May 2020) VE Day was CELEBRATED across the United Kingdom. It was brought out again and again how Churchill inspired his people to resist the NAZI aggression to the last, how he warned against despair and defeat. That was the worst moment in history when the RETREATING British army was rescued from Dunkirk and German invasion seemed imminent.

(The evacuation of Allied soldiers during World War II from the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk, in the north of France, between 26 May and 4 June 1940.)

NOW to Bharat five years EARLIER (Pakistan Resolution, 23 March 1940), and seven years LATER (15 August 1947) to see the fate of “Akhand Bharat”.

We submit to Modiji with due respect and in all humility, “Sir, everything is all right for those in Gujrat, Maharashtra, UP and Bihar who are standing tall like Sardar Patel’s statue in Bharat. But ever thought of those whose Bharat “died” after betrayal, without even a proper funeral or Remembrance, who stand crestfallen, sad and mourning?”

“Sir, when you say, “Bharat Mata Ki Jaya”, those FORCED OUT from Sindh, East Bengal, West Punjab by the home-grown savages & barbarians, are reminded of the pain in their hearts recalling the dear relatives, friends and the sacred “Bharat Mata” they lost!

“FOR TENS OF MILLIONS OF US, former refugees in our own country, THAT WAS THE REAL “BHARAT MATA”. Today she is the brainchild of Jinnah and Nehru, with Gandhi as midwife.

“Noticing the lack of patriotism in our leaders then, and now, one is afraid that if THAT Bharat is not recovered, reinstated, or even recalled, then, according to us, it will still be “Bharat” when the country is reduced to Delhi and a few villages around it! One would still be shouting, “Bharat Mata ki Jaya!” without anyone raising eyebrows.

“Given such lack of attachment to “Akhand Bharat,” will it not be better to change it to “DHARTI MATA KI JAYA!”?

“To many this Bharat without LAHORE and East Bengal, is either meaningless, painful or a powder keg.

“Most Hindus, who do not incorporate the idea of AKHAND BHARAT in their visual imagery, are a puzzle to us if not despair and disappointment. You see, Sir, OUR Bharat is different from YOURS.

“OUR Bharat is far BEYOND Wagah and Atari. It is right up to KHYBER PASS. And we do not see this enshrined in the Constitution nor taught at schools in YOUR Bharat.

“None ought to put Gandhi & Nehru above Bharat. They both were clever BARRISTERS. Yet NEITHER said two words to Jinnah, “High Treason!”

“Nor did they point to TRANSFER OF POPULATION and nor even to the eternal INSECURITY & sense of BETRAYAL in the minds of the MUSLIMS staying back among the KAFIRS (infidels) in Bharat, who are bound to RETALIATE collectively one day!

“Is it not preposterous when Gandhi and Nehru were our TOP LEADERS and enjoyed our full trust and backing, they were negotiating the PARTITION of (Akhand) Bharat at the same time? Therefore, a lump of revulsion and rejection rises in the throats of all the Hindus who hail from Karachi, Quetta and Kohat and they would like the Lok Sabha to NAME & SHAME the “rats” who sat with the Viceroy to surrender our sacred “dharti” without consulting the PEOPLE.

“Obviously, Sir, “BHARAT” meant nothing to Nehru and Gandhi. Hence all their statues ought to be consigned to sea and places bearing the traitors’ names ought to be RE-NAMED.

“Therefore, we believe, Sir, that “DHARTI” is definitely a better choice for our sloganeering than “Bharat”!

“We “dumped” (Akhand) Bharat in 1947. From now onwards let it be “Dharti Mata Ki Jaya.” And when we greet with “Jai Hind”, let it be known to each and every member of LOK SABHA that “Hind” ends at Khyber Pass, NOT at Wagah!

“Sir you may not dissolve Pakistan in one day as it was created. But surely you can succeed in this national resolve in a thousand years. And that ought to be enshrined in the NEW Constitution for our sacred “dharti Mata”!


9 May 2020

PS:  Please honour the sentiments and the sacred memory of all those who PERISHED in 1947 on account of BETRAYAL by Gandhi and Nehru. They deserve an even TALLER statue than Sardar Patel’s. The nation is SEVENTY-THREE years behind on this sacred duty.


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