Dear Hindus,
Ref. line: “We are humane.”
Sure we are, but due to the influence of Jainism, Buddhism, and Gandhism we are far more tolerant to aggressors than we should be per Dharma. In other words, we violated our dharma by being so much tolerant like stones that will tolerate any treatment to them. Let us see what Bhagavad Gita says about dharma:
Arjun, a Kshatriya, saw the opposite Kaurava’s army, saw his relatives and friends, and puujyas; and out of compassion he said to Krishna that he does not want to fight. Krishna did not say Arjun to sit on dhaarnaa and fast against Duryodhan. Instead, Krishna said Arjun to fight, because it was dharma yuddha opportunity, a war between divines and demoniacs.  Note that Kauravas were not Muslims, they were raised in the Vedics culture  also, but were demoniacs. Durhodjan had said, “जानाति धर्मः न च मे प्रवृत्ति।” He said he knows dharma, but has no inclination to live by it. 
The Vedic society should not tolerate demoniacs. 
And we Hindus tolerated Islamists for 1000 years. 
That is sin, and we are suffering because of that sin.
The Vedic society has Brahmanas, Kshartriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras; and all of them can fight against the demonics according to their guna and karma. No one should say: “we are humane and we should tolerate demoniacs no matter what.’ Brahmanas will fight at intellectual level, Kshatriyas will fight at physical level, Vaishyas will fight at trade/economy level, and shudras will fight at labor level. And Kshatriyas will maintain law and order, and protect the brahmanas. vaishiays will provide funding to fight.
Each of the four class should act per their varna dharma, except in emergency in which case one should act per आपद् धर्म , meaning execute other varna’s dharma in emergency. Thus, when Kshatriyas became asura like, then Parasuram, a brahmin, came and killed may kshatriyas single handed. Kautilya was a brahmin, but he took kshatriya dharma also when necessary.
Fighting for one’s self against asuras (injustice/aggressors) is one’s birthright, 
but fighting for the Vedic nation (for others good) opens the doors of haven, says Bhagavaan Krishna.
Only the stones do not fight back.
jaya sri krishna!
Suresh Vyas
Vedic preacher and purohit

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