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Muslims should not advise anyone in the FREE democratic world, nor anybody in “bleeding” PARTITIONED India where they are still doing “TABLEEGH” unhindered & fearlessly to fill the ideological, spiritual and political VACUUM created by Hindu WEAKNESS, disunity & lack of conviction- and direction.

They should advise Pakistan to end the dirty game of ETHNIC CLEANSING there, treat the Hindus with dignity & equality as humans, and accept Bharat as their ANCESTORS’ land”.

They should cut off the Arabian ideological & spiritual chains of SLAVERY and get EMANCIPATED for their mental peace.

Barrister Khalid Umar (below) should be advised to do “ghar waapsi” immediately, unless he, too, is like Barrister MA Jinnah and Barrister MK Gandhi (both from Gujarat) who stabbed their land of birth (Mother India) in the back!


20 Apr 20

PS:  Barrister Sahib, the ultimate good is neither ISLAMIC Pakistan nor HINDU India but secular, tolerant “AKHAND BHARAT” (united India) for all (for all, including Parsis, Jains & Buddhists) just as it was till the traitors and their accomplices set fire to our great country in 1947.

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