Dear Hindus,
Self defense is birthright.
Police or military will not be able to come to protect you in time to save you.
The asuras are armed and always attack unexpectedly.

The nature of Islam shown in many YouTube videos is same since 1400 years.

The Islam problem for us Hindus is already well known to us.
The solution is possible now when Hindu majority is in power in Hindustan.
The solution is to purge out Islam from Hindustan were it has invaded by force and is anti-Vedic, and aims to wipe out Hindu dharma and culture from Hindustan..
The means to do include:
– economically boycott Muslims firmly with unity till they quit Islam or quit Hindustan
– Press the politicians to declare Islam illegal in Bhaarat. Once done, purging out Islam will not be easy.
– If it is easier to change and make the constitution pro-Vedic than to declare Hindustan a Vedic State, then do it first. When done that will provide legal backing to purge out Islam.
– till the above things happen:
— keep arms and organize at each neighborhood to successfully defeat or kill asuras when they riot, loot, or rape or kidnap Hindus.
— be more organized and pro-active and united than the asuras are. Else winning is not possible.
— Keep in mind that so called good Muslims are the silent supporters of the jihadis. Never trust them.
— With unity asset might/power by running processions thru Muslim neighborhoods. If you (Hindu orgs.) cannot do it, then do not let them (the Muslims or their processions) come in your neighborhoods or non-Muslim areas.
— be prepared to win civil war. (Understand that the Muslims are already at war with you since centuries.) More you delay in preparation, more difficult it will be to win the war..
— Stop becoming sitting ducks for the Muslims.
— Do not allow construction of new madrassas or mosques. Throw dead pigs at their construction sites; that will stop their construction.
— Press your politicians for “One Nation One Education”.
I request others to share ideas for winning.
jaya sri krishna!

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