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The Two “Shining Stars” Should Exchange Positions


Bharat is entering a new phase of history, facing an immediate calamity and a long-term threat.


The immediate threat is corona virus that will take a few thousand lives and then subside but the other menace that is rising, needs urgent attention.


Those who can recall the massacres of 1947 know that the limitless & bottomless hatred inculcated by Koran in the hearts & minds of the Muslims towards the non-Muslims, especially Hindus, is beyond belief. Look not only in Bharat but also abroad, e.g., the devastating “Nine eleven” attack on the USA and the beastly extermination of the peace-loving Yazidis in Syria in 2015 AD.


It was a grand design to hand over India to Islam by stages. Stage 1 was accomplished in 1947 with the backing of an Imperial power, the overall masters of Bharat then. But without Population Exchange “Partition” was meaningless, a botched affair. A TIME BOMB with a long fuse wire, burning slowly, was deliberately left in “Broken” Bharat.


The separatist, intolerant & highly indoctrinated fundamentalist Muslim community was kept back in Partitioned India where they were absolved of High Treason in an instant.


Partition is still a taboo subject in Bharat’s “Parliament of Pygmies”. It has never been discussed or questioned! Lahore and Chittagong are on nobody’s mind, not even the Supreme Commander’s!


The “sulagti aag” (smoldering fire) of Phase 2 is about to get wind and erupt in full fury. It is, therefore, time to extinguish it once and for all.


Great challenges need great decisions by great personalities. At present we notice two Hindu stalwarts on top, Shi Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath.


The nation has observed Mr. Modi for over five years. He is clean and honest and is committed to peace and progress. He is universally popular among the Hindus. But he has disappointed the nation on some important issues. He has failed to put the notorious individuals like Sonia Gandhi in the dock for depositing huge amounts in foreign banks. He has failed to recover the $50 million “Bofors” commission. He has failed to recover the LAND acquired by Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi foundations and Priyenka’s hisband, Mr Wadra.


He has failed to ban “love Jehad” and he has failed to deal with Muslim hate preachers like Zakir Naik and Oweisi brothers. He has failed to imprison the “tableegi” imams and agents in Bharat who are busy “robbing” Hindu souls.


The worst is his blind devotion to Bapu Gandhi whom he desperately needs to appease the Muslims.


Yodi Adityanath, on the other hand, has no such inhibitions and reservations. He is not scared of his Hindu image. He is a proud Hindu, an exception in the anti-Hindu climate of fear and embarrassment that prevails in pseudo-secular Bharat. He dresses in bhagwa, the national color and he has controlled Muslim separatism effectively in his own State.


Comparing both these leaders one cannot deny that Mr. Modi will be good as Home Minister and Yogi Adityanath as Prime Minister.


One can see the merit of the proposal. The first blessing will be the much-awaited new CONSTITUTION for which Mr. Modi has shown no interest. The second blessing will be that Lok Sabha will look at PARTITON and tell the Muslims to behave or go to their homeland (Pakistan) that was created for them over the “blood, bones and tears” of the Hindus who were massacred and wiped out.


After India has “sorted out” the Muslim problem (rocks on the boat) peace and progress should follow apace.


We have no doubt that Shri Modi, a true patriot, will agree with this proposal in the interest of his country and people.



2 April 2020

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