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It took 10 days to change the words ‘members of a religion’,

to ‘some religious congregation’

to ‘Indonesian Muslim preachers’ and

to Tablighi jamaat at Nizamuddin masjid’


A scathing thread by Abhjit.

So again I keep wondering what happened with giving minority only scholarships? Did the appeasement lead to any favorable outcome for Hindus?
Pointing out that #TablighJamaat is disproportionately responsible for the spread of a disease is NOT Islamophobia. It comes from the methods of political negotiation that Muslims developed in the wake of 1857 & have been systematically rewarded by both Britain and India
2n Given their eviction from power, their society never moved past the feudal structure of power capture by few elite families. Given their weak economic & electoral hand: their tactics have remained consistent: escalating through obstinacy, obstructionism & finally violence.
3n An example of this is Partition. Jinnah starts with impossible maximalist demands, then starts obstructionism, & finally calls for violence. Issue is this pattern was rewarded by the British, then by the INC & now by the BJP. This strategy has proved brilliant for them.
4n You want proof? Here’s a Hindu lady waving a sword at police and refusing to obey lockdown, police immediately Lathi charged her & her followers.
5n But when the #TablighiJamaat people do it, repeated police missions have to beg & please with them. Finally the NSA has to go crawling like a beggar. Imagine the NSA of 1.3 billion representing a party with an absolute majority of 303 seats, held hostage by 2000 people.
6n understand be it partition, be it Shaheen Bagh, be it #NizamuddinMarkaz, every government has succumbed to this kind of blackmail. Consequently they backup position has and will always remain one of obstinacy – no matter what the law, because every law is an opportunity…
7/7 for the Muslim leadership of the country to extort concessions. Remember rewarding bad behaviour leads to more bad behaviour. That is the essence of appeasement and that’s what Modi has been doing.
8n Eg: this behaviour follows the template – What #TablighiJamaat did, refusing to comply with orders was Stage 1 (obstinacy) now what these scumbags are doing is Stage 2 (obstructionism). You know what comes next in Stage 3? Congrats.
9n you see Stage 3 (violence) has set in. Thanks Modi! Thanks Doval!

10n and another example of stage 3, all from #NizamuddinMarkaz attendees BULLETS were fired and stones pelted upon police in #Bihar by the members of #TablighiJamaat, who attended #NizamuddinMarkaz

11n from earlier today, Stage 2 by a #TableeghiJamaat fellow who attended #NizamuddinMarkaz. When asked to come for corona testing he says “go test Modi he travelled to 120 countries, go test EPS OPS (CM & DtyCM of Tamil Nadu) they have corona”
12n in Secunderabad, Stage 3. The family of a 59 year old man who died after returning from the #NizamuddinMarkaz beat up medical college students, for letting him die. Notice the absolute impunity with which they behave – state or centre
13n meanwhile in Indore, full stage 3: Muslims stoned heath workers trying to protect them from Corona.
14n meanwhile in muzaffarnagar full stage 3: cops grievously injured while attempting to do their jobs & disperse a crowd

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