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ubject: Re: Why Babur Beckons Nehru-Gandhis!

In his earth shattering findings my Guru Purushottam Nagesh Oak ( Oak0jee) has pointed out in hos book Taj Mahal is a Rajpuit Palace that not only Ibrahim Lodi ( and of coufsebefoe him Sultan Lodi) lived the Taj Mahal but also Babur.. Ahh yes it is admitted that Babur died in the Ram Baagh (corrupted in typical Moghul ( Mongol) fashion to Aram Baga).. we have miniature paintings of Sultan Lodi and Babur in a Palace in Agra..Babur says he built a baoli there.. Mohibul Hasan Academic who wrote on Babur follows Babur Memoirs as the tremendous buildings of Babur.. he says in his book published by Aligarh Uni ( where else) that sadly the buildings Babur built have disparaged.. Like Vincent Smith tells us that Akbar’s Din-e-Ilahi temple has disappeared.. When will such Mongol or Mussulman lies be unearthed.. God know.. Prince Gulbadan Begum daughter of Humayun speaks of “Mystic House” thus recognizing the temple origins of Taj Mahal..
Time for Oak-jee books and findings to be staple diet in all educational institutions in India…
( Of course we know that Babur never built anything and the edifice the 1600 Kar Sewaks destroyed was the original intact Ram Janam Bhoomi Mandir .. we Hindus shot coursed in the foot on that one.. Even Professor R. Nath who is touted for his Moghul acceptance of Taj Mahal as a la Shah Jahan speaks for three sets of tombs in the Taj Mahal.. how absurd can anti Hinduism become.. it all BJP, Narendra Modi, Yogin .. what are we Hindus doing to counter all that non sense” high time we Hindus asserted our Vedic past iin India and abroad..
Karam C Ramrakha

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