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Please save the Kurds.
Turkish forces have entered northern Syria to wipe out the brave Kurds who were earlier allies of the West in fighting the Islamic State (Daesh). Thousands of their young men and women fell for the cause of freedom.
Turkey calls them “terrorists” and wishes to enslave or kill them. In their hour of extreme peril the brave Kurdish minority has no allies except the West, especially the USA. All eyes are, therefore, on Donald Trump, the President of the United States, and the NATO.
It is a fight between the UNEQUALS and UNFAIR by all rules of ethics and humanity.
We appeal to the conscience of the world, in particular the super power No. 1, the USA, and NATO, to restrain Turkey, and ask her to stop her aggression against the Kurds in northern Syria immediately, thus preventing further loss of life. It is heart breaking to see Turkey destroying families and creating more widows and orphans on earth.
Today is Sunday, a day of prayer on earth. Let us, therefore, pray for the safety and survival of the Kurds in their homeland.
We commend the United Kingdom for their plans to evacuate the children and bring them to safety and take care of their education. Bharat could join in, too.
At the moment there is no other pressing humanitarian emergency on earth except to save the Kurds from Turkey obsessed with her ambition to re-create the old Turkish empire. The idea is as dangerous for free mankind as the Islamic State (Caliphate or Daesh).
Sunday 13 October 2019.

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