G V Chelvapilla

1861 Wilson ave

Arcadia, CA, 91006                                                                                        June 10th 2019



Larry P. Arnn

President, Hillsdale College

Pursuing Truth – Defending Liberty since 1844


Dear Mr. Larry P Arnn,

Thanks for sending your assessment of Churchill as great statesman of 20th century. Hope in your learned treatise and in stated ‘pursuing Truth, Defending Liberty since 1844’ you did not overlook heinous role the same Churchill has played in inflicting starvation on India a more powerful weapon than any bomb during II war, just as vicious as gas chambers of Hitler or Gulags of Stalin.

Late Churchill hailed as ‘great statesman’ by you of 20th century is responsible for starving deaths of millions of people of India especially in Bengal during II war when he deliberately and purposefully prevented plenty of food grain on fields to reach starving people even though even British officials on ground in India pleaded with him. Instead he was careful to drop food packets to Gibbons on rock of Gibraltar because he was told and believed that as long as those Gibbons were there, control by British of that strategic area will be intact.

Go ahead hail him , but then you should also take into consideration for proper perspective the fact when it comes to getting rid of human beings considered disposable by ‘great statesmen’ , he was no different from Hitler or Stalin of the same II war who also have to their  credit in getting rid of millions and millions of innocent people.  It is estimated anywhere from 3 million to 30 million people of India were starved to death by manmade famine in Bengal , India during II war with which India had nothing to do, yet  contributed more soldiers than France- 2 million of India fought for allied powers and turned the tide in many theaters of  II war. Money too went from India to finance British war effort. Yet incorrigible imperialists,  being what they were , most notable among them being Churchill felt it is prudent to inflict starvation and famines on India in return for all the loot taken from India,  besides of course as a parting kick for the temerity of India  for demanding  freedom by further fragmenting India into 562 pieces biggest of them being Pakistan from where many terrorists have attacked both London and New York in more recent period, a typical example of biting the hand that feeds.

Here are some pictures of that era from Bengal India. Sir Winston Churchill was not just well aware of that tragedy, but played an important role both as Prime Minister and as on opposition leader later in fragmentation of India.

Wish you all the best in your pursuit of truth which by the way is motto of India as well- Satyameva Jayathe. Truth will triumph.

Best wishes,                                                                                                                                                                                                         G V Chelvapilla


Starvation People Bengal During II War , Churchill’s Role – Image Results



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