From: Hindu Association of the USA

Subject: Nehru’s bitter gift to all Indians…
What is Article 370? Every Indian must know.
● Jammu – Kashmir’s citizens have dual citizenship.
● Jammu – Kashmir’s national flag is different.
Jammu – Kashmir’ Legislative Assembly’s term is 6 years.
Whereas its 5 years for the States of India
● In Jammu – Kashmir it’s not a crime to insult India’s national flag or the national Symbols!
● The order of the Supreme Court of India is not valid in Jammu – Kashmir.
● Parliament of India may make laws in extremely limited areas in terms of
Jammu – Kashmir.
● In Jammu-Kashmir,
If a Kashmiri woman marries a person of any other state of India, Kashmiri citizenship to that
female ends!
In contrast, if a Kashmiri woman marries a person from Pakistan that person will get citizenship of Jammu – Kashmir.
● Because of Section 370
RTI does not apply in Kashmir.
RTE is not implemented
CAG does not apply…
Indian laws are not applicable.
● Sharia law is applicable to women in Kashmir.
There are no rights to panchayats in Kashmir.
Minorities in Kashmir [Hindus and Sikhs] do not get 16% reservation.
● Due to Section 370
Indians in other states cannot buy or own land in Kashmir.
● Because of Section 370 Pakistanis gets Indian citizenship for which they
only need to marry a girl from Kashmir.
● It’s a good start to remove section 370.
At least one step has been taken further.
The new government has already raised this issue.!!
Section 370 has to be removed.

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