From: A K Sharma < >

Jun 1, 2019, 1:51 AM (1 day ago)

to TheBecoming

A humble Request to Modi Ji.

(Dear Modi) Sir, you are destined to be one of the greatest leaders of all times.

While that is great, please never forget that while we love all the glitter, most Hindus’ biggest wish is that our greatest civilization not be destroyed, our temples never be desecrated again and no one ever smashes the Muurtis of our Gods and Goddesses ever in dustbin.

We are at a point that we do not have luxury of time to wait for proper climate. In your last 5 years, you have worked wonders and run most corruption free government in our history. However, you have very carefully skirted around issues that will decimate Hindus in future.

Your party understands the issues. I met Lal Krishna Advani Ji personally in Houston in 90’s and he said both in our personal meeting and in his public speech that as soon as BJP will come to power, they will eliminate polygamy and limit large families. I am assuming that nothing has been done for last 5 years because of a grand strategy for votes for overall good.

However, if nothing along this line is started (not necessarily finished) in next 6 months, I shall lose all hope, if Modi Ji cannot save us, who else can.

We have full faith in you and your team but some of the persons connected to BJP in outer layers may choose money over loyalty to the country.

As an example, as coordinator of OFBJP in Houston, I invited head of the legal cell of BJP of a major city in India. Members of OFBJP showered him with honors. His business interests were more with illegal Pakistanis so he completely ignored us, only went to Pakistani houses, was asking us to seat a Pakistani businessman as main guest at podium in the public reception and went to some rallies as a member of Pakistani delegation.

Please do not take any advice from such people. We, the people of India, will eat grass, will forego all luxuries, will even give our lives to make sure that no foreign religion ever steals our only major land from us. We have already lost one third, have terrible situation in Kashmir and it is getting pretty bad in many other places.

We have a dream to run a very modern, fair country where all citizens have exactly equal rights, love and prestige.

Please do not continue to tarnish this dream by continuing different rules for different religions and increasing caste divisions by SC ST etc.

I know I do not mean anything and have zero power but Geeta says:

॥कर्मण्येऽवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन॥

“Do your duty and leave the result to God.”



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