Why Make Bhaarat (that is India) a Hindu State and not keep it secular?

The reasons are:

  1. The Hindu (also known as Vedic or Sanaatan) religion is respectful to all the faiths and ideologies that are respectful to Hindu dharma and culture. Therefore, Hindus are inherently secular.  The “secularism” on the other hand is European medicine against Christianity. It is not a svadeshi concept and it is not for us in Bhaarat.
  2. The Hindu (Vedic) is universal religion for mankind. It is the oldest and still surviving. Despite large scale, organized, and centuries-long sustained violent and enticement efforts by Islam and Christianity to wipe the Hindu religion from the face of earth, it still survives. It has about 900 million followers – Hindus. Because it is universal, it is called dharma.
  3. About 3000 years ago, Hindu was the only religion in most part of the world. Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism are the offshoots from the Vedic dharma. An evidence of this is the names of countries in NW of India. The names of countries with “stan” at the end, like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, etc. This “stan” actually is a Sanskrit word “sthaana” which means “place.” So, Hindustan means place of the Hindus, etc.
  4. Bhaarat, the land of the Hindus, is the cradle of the Vedic dharma and civilization. A Vedic or Hindu is also called an Aryan. Aryan is one who accepts the authority of the Vedas (given directly by God at the beginning of creation,) and strives to live per it. The Aryan invasion theory of the 19th century European Indologists is already proven to be a fabrication done political reasons. Aryan is not a race at all.
  5. There are about 26 countries that have only one religion legal, either Islam or Christianity. So, no one should have any problem or concern if Bhaarat is made a Hindu state – Hindustan.
  6. Hindus have birth-right of self-determination to make Bhaarat a Hindu State.
  7. In 1947 when India became independent, the politicians of the time made a great blunder. The Muslims’ leader Mohammed Ali Jinnah threatened a civil war if India is not partitioned. Gandhi unwillingly and foolishly agreed, and Pakistan was created for the Muslims. The partition failed to avoid violence, so Gandhi failed. Despite partitioning, the Muslims who wished were also allowed to live in India. Thus, there remained on meaning of the partition to the majority Hindus. It only served Islam’s agenda. Many or some Muslims of India are secretly supporting Pakistan and Islam agenda, and do not respect the Hindus or the Hindu dharma. This Islam in Bhaarat is like a cancer in body.
  8. The Christians also are hell bent to wipe out the Hindu dharma and culture from Bhaarat despite the fact that Hindus never have forced dharma on anyone anytime. Hindu dharma is spread by free will only.
  9. No practice of Hindu dharma takes away the freedom, dignity, honor, women, land, property, or life of a non-Hindu. This cannot be said of Islam.
  10. Hindu dharma is most scientific.


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