On Illegal Immigration (The USA-Mexico Border Issue)

By Steve Brown

People immigrate illegally in a country to do crimes or to survive or both.  Here I want to share a unique solution for solving illegal immigration from Mexico to USA.

I am a retired US federal engineer and analyst, and I live per the Vedic Dharma (which is universal religion for mankind.)

  1. Before figuring a solution to an issue we need to understand and know all the root causes of the issue. What I understand about the about the Mexico—USA immigration is this:
    • Mexico is a fertile country with natural resources
    • Mexico has large border with US, and a very small border with Panama.
    • In Mexico either one is damn rich or is damn poor. There is no middle class
    • Mexico is in strong grip of only seven families
    • Mexico has very powerful drug curtails
    • Most Mexicans want to illegally immigrate to US even if the journey is life threatening. They take extreme and painful measures to immigrate, to run away from extreme misery.
    • These immigrants provide a lot of cheap labor in CA and TX farms. Their illegal status is exploited by US farmers and others in US. This dependency on the immigrants is so much that without them the prices of the farm products and labor would go very high per US labor laws
  1. I present here a radical solution in which US plays a part for the benefit of the Mexicans, and not exploit them in anyway. The intent of the US should be to solve the issue forever by implementing this solution for the happiness of the Mexicans. This is the solution. Please do not quit reading till the end. Else you will quit without understanding the value of the solution
    • By military action US to take control over Mexico, and ends the power of the seven families who control Mexico inhumanely
    • Then US makes Mexico a colony of US, where most US laws will apply, but not for exploitation. Same US democratic institutions will be set up in Mexico. Mexicans will be employed in those institutions. The intent is to create a mini-US out of Mexico.
    • Mexican resources will be used to develop Mexico
    • When the Mexico as the colony runs in a happy manner where most Mexican are employed and there is no anarchy; and when the economy of the Mexico is grown to a certain level closer to US economy, then Mexico will be transformed as an additional State of USA. Till then No Mexican will be allowed to migrate to USA, except when authorized for training and education or as part of embassy staff or trade development.
    • This solution should ensure that it’s design and implementation lift the Mexicans from extreme poverty and helplessness such that they lose motive to migrate illegally.
    • This solution will cost to USA, but only initially till Mexico becomes a state of USA, but this will be one-time cost
    • The plan implementation will gradually reduce the cost of keeping the NM border guards

Now I request US thinkers to ponder over this and improve the plan to make it more attractive for Americans and Mexicans.  Once I discussed this plan with a Mexican colleague engineer. He said Mexicans do not want to be under USA because it is their pride to be Mexicans. I said. “What is the pride in miserable Mexican life?”  The solution is for bringing up Mexico life like that of US life gradually under US laws where one can live with peace; and can prosper also.


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