This is worth knowing.

The best way to fight Islamic terrorism  for the non-Muslim counties is to amend the constitution and declare Islam illegal.

The modernization in Europe is producing children without marriage, no restriction on sex for any age, use of alcohol or drugs, dresses for women that hardly cover their bodies, people quitting Christian religious practice, etc.

Muslims want to create Islamic Caliphate in Europe. Muslims are against the modernity.

Europe has lost will to fight; Muslims always fight.

If Europe comes under the control of Islam, then it would be a great danger for Bharat desh and the world.

If Bharat is requested fight for Europe against Islam, then I suggest:

  • As soon as possible purge out Islam from Bharat, proving that we can win over Islam.
  • In Europe compete against the spread of Islam by spreading the Vedic Dharma. More success you get in this will be less requirement to fight violently
  • The Hindus in Bharat must stop malpractice of Dharma such as caste by birth. Else the Hindus cannot win over Islam anywhere.
  • The Hindus must stay united and act with unity to serve dharma and national interests.

jaya sri krishna!

Suresh Vyas



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