From Chandar Kohli < >

LOVE JIHAAD Declared by Islamists’ to entice non-Muslims girls, and then ruin their honor and life.

Rs 7L (1L= 100,000) for Sikh girl, Rs 5L for a Brahmin: Love jihad WhatsApp message goes viral in Gujarat



“If a Muslim youth marries a Hindu Brahmin girl, he would be awarded with Rs 5 lakhs.

Similarly, if someone gets hitched with a Sikh Punjabi girl, he would be given Rs 7 lakhs.”

“If the girl is from Kshatriya Hindu community, the cash reward would be Rs 4.5 lakhs,

Gujarat Brahmin girl Rs 6 lakhs, Punjabi Hindu Rs 6 lakhs, Christian Roman Catholic Rs 4 lakhs,

Christian Protestant Rs 3 lakhs, Jain Rs 3 lakhs, Gujarati Kutch girl Rs 3 lakhs.”

Any Muslim boy who agrees with this gets some pocket money and a scooter to take the girl out with some limited time.


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