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Yesterday it was the Day of Mourning in Bharat when in the West people were buying roses for Valentine Day.
The irony is that the tragedy was AVOIDABLE.
The way the soldiers were travelling NONCHALANCE in the Muslim majority State embroiled in militancy in Partitioned India reminds one of putting too many eggs in one basket and then crying out loud after falling on hard ground.
And with such a valuable cargo on the move along public roads in a State where terrorism is high, there was NO check or control beforehand along the route of travel to investigate any suspicious object, individual or vehicle parked along the route.
2,500 armed men, and their commanders, were having a happy ride as if travelling between Mumbai and Pune! “Sleepy nation, sleepy army!”
The price of NEGLIGENCE was 40 precious lives of “Defenders of Bharat” lost. The instant response by everyone was to blame Pakistan though the attacker was “home grown”, i.e., Indian subject! The criminals were the local police and civil administration who had NO clue whatsoever as to “who is who” within their own community and did not nab the killer before he struck.
When we think of Pakistan, we must also think of the “father” of Pakistan, MK Gandhi, who “went along” the looming Partition like a sheep being taken to abattoir. Accepting Pakistan also meant suffering the consequences of not only breaking up an ancient country where all were living in relative harmony together, but also dividing the Muslim community of India into three segments, ignoring the implications.
When “Gandhian” Bharat, with no commitment to Akhand Bharat, that has not dared to reject “Partition without condition or referendum”, is attacked in this way, it is Bharat alone to blame. Mentioning Pakistan again and again is to ignore the teachings of their Koran that makes Jihad against the Infidels compulsory duty for every Muslim.
Reality is that Hindustan, under the present Constitution, has NO identity, and with such a large number of MUSLIMS in it, is no different from the India of 1940 when “Pakistan Resolution” was passed in Lahore. For the following SEVEN years it was never challenged by “Father of Nation” Gandhi! Thus Gandhi and his followers (Hindus) “went along” with the threat of bloodshed as with the actual event on August 15, 1947 when PARTITIONED India went straight under the foot of traitor NEHRU.
Nehru had two different yardsticks, one for West Punjab and East Bengal (to be surrendered) and the other for Jammu & Kashmir State (to be defended at all cost)!
When he ordered “cease fire”, in Kashmir robbing the Jawans of victory, he ought to have been eliminated. But he lived on to put Article 370 in Constitution that “pampered” one State and “punished” all the others.
The FOLLOWING was not done by the subsequent governments of Partitioned India:
1.  Repeal Article 370;
2.  carry out radical population (demographic) adjustment to make the State a Hindu majority State. Settle Hindu/Sikh ex servicemen along the CEASE-FIRE line.
3.  Blow up the house of anyone who commits an act of terrorism.
Fortunately for the timid “rabbits who are riding the elephant”, there is precedence for each action suggested.
1. Adjusting the demography of the State. See Kaliningrad and Crimea in Russia.
2. Punishing the terrorists. See Israel.
3. Dealing with MK Gandhi and JL Nehru: See what the PEOPLE of Italy did to Mussolini and the PEOPLE of Romania did to Ceausescu.
Lastly, IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF SECURITY SERVICES who should have a profile of every POTENTIAL terrorist and grab him before he acts.
The Hindus should seem to be WARRIORS to deter the terrorists. Throughout history the weak have been kicked and ultimately overwhelmed and enslaved.
A Memorial should be erected where the attack took place and a much bigger Memorial ought to be erected in front of Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi, to pay homage to the Dead of 1947 otherwise even these FORTY martyrs will be forgotten within days just like those TWO MILLION (of 1947).
J & K State should be put under Central administration forthwith till the demography is corrected as suggested above. History tells us that NO “Muslim majority” area, or country, can live in peace anywhere.
14 February should be declared “Day of Martyrs” and this loss of life yesterday, recalled every year publicly by the Supreme Commander of Bharat.
15 Feb 19

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