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Why They Oppose Shri Modi?

1. Is Shri Modi, a foreigner? Has he had politically questionable life and is of bad character? IS he a corrupt?  Has he given any advantage to his relatives, because he is on highest post of India? Is he anti national?  Does he avoid work? Is he irresponsible? Is he imbalance?

  1. The answers to these questions are big NO. Then why people have allergy to his name?
  2. It is the conspiracy of thieves, corrupt people, and media who misused their power, when in the congress government and those who got undue favors from congress government. Such people are misguiding general public and doing propaganda, so as to loot the country again, as they have done so far till 2014. Till 2014, these thieves, corrupt and Deshdrohis people, were ruling us. Shri Bajpai was not supported, during 2009, and we had the misrule for 10 tears. Now, if Shri Modi does not continue, we will be (a)misruled for 100 years, (b)this country will be divided and (c)once again we, specially Hindus, (if at all, Hindus survive,) will be slaves.

3a. Many are accusing Shri Modi for: —

(a) Not building Ram Mandir.

(b) Not removing article 370.

(c) Sharing government, with PDP in J and K.

(d) Not depositing Rs 15 lakhs, in everyone’s account.

(e) Demonetizing currency.

(f) Dictatorial tendency.

(g) Being anti poor.

(h) Not giving “Aacche Din”.

  1. Tell us: —

(a) Did you get 100% marks in all subjects in examinations?

(b) Did you purchase house during your first job in first year?

(c) Do you build fifth floor first, or your complete foundation of the house first?

(d) While starting the car in motion, do you apply fifth gear suddenly, instead of first gear?

  1. Tell us: —

(a) Who has the ability to build Ram Mandir, ultimately?

(b) Who has the ability to have a stable government?

(c) Who can remove rule 370?

(d) Who can look after poor people of India?

(e) Who can ensure security of India?

(f) Who can ensure that India is not broken?

(g) Who is working 24 hours a day for welfare of people?


  1. Think over it: —
  2. Who partitioned this country?
  3. Who called for cease fire, when we were winning during 1947 and left 1/3 J and K with Pakistan? This has become constant source trouble for us and our generations to come?
  4. Who was in power, when China   humiliated this country?
  5. Who was in power when Mumbai blast took place?
  6. Who killed 4000 Sikhs in riots?
  7. Who allowed and encouraged Bangladeshi to enter and settle in India?
  8. Under whom, maximum corruption took place?
  9. Who returned Captured territory in 1965 like Hajipir pass and returned one lakh POW of Pakistan, without any return in 1971?
  10. Who was in government, when Kashmir pundits were driven from J and K?
  11. Who removed Durdarshan logo “Satam Shivam Sundaram”?
  12. Who removed “Satyam eva Jayate” from our coins?
  13. Who treated Hindus as second-class citizens?
  14. Who, as per article 30 (A), directed, that Gita and Ramayana cannot be taught in schools but allowed teaching of Kuran and Bible?
  15. Who took away 70 % of Hindu temple earning and gave to Masjid and Church?
  16. Who granted subsidy for Haj and taxed Amaranth yatra?
  17. Who kept 80 % of Indians people, poor, for the last about 70 years?
  18. Who favored minorities, out of proportion?


  1. Murders: —

(a) Who killed Lal Bahadur Shastri when he was becoming threat to Indira Gandhi?

(b) Who killed Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and Deena Dayal Upadhyay, when they were threat to congress?

(c) Who killed Veer Bahadur Singh, Rajesh Pilot, Shri Sindhiya, when they were emerging as challenge to the dynasty of Gandhi Parivar?


  1. Gandhi name and Muslim origin: —

(a) Who high jacked name of Gandhi in place of their Muslim name/religion/origin?

(b) How everyone, manipulated to conceal the identity of Nehru family, right from ancestor of Motilal Nehru, that they were Muslim. They changed their name as Hindu, but their behavioral pattern and action /policy remained as Muslim?


  1. If NOT MODI, who do you want to govern YOU and INDIA? :–
  2. Gandhi parivar
  3. Mulayam or Akhilesh Yadav
  4. Mamta Banerjee
  5. Mayavati
  6. Lalu or Neetish Kumar
  7. Communist
  8. Muslim Party


  1. The logic says that, Shri Modi should continue for next 10 to 15 years. In that case, please educate (a) the poor people   of India, who sell their vote for a paltry sum of Rs 500/-, a sari and a bottle of liquor (b) ignorant educated people, specially Hindus, who are NOT aware of what is going to happen, if anyone else, but Shri Modi comes in power.


———–   Dr V S Karnik, PhD (18 Jan 2017)

Very well said Dr. Karmik

I fully agree with you.

Congress and other VULTURES OF MOTHER INDIA are interested in power and loot only.

Such Nehru style, hypocrite, selfish, self-centered, politicians have misguided and looted India, since long time. All in the name of democracy.!!

Selfish politicians like Maya, Mamta, Mulayam, Congress gang of Nehru dynasty, Communists are ONLY VULTURES OF MOTHER INDIA, they have nothing in parallel with PATRIOT, CONSTRUCTIVE BHARAT WASI.

God bless Bharat



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