By Vijay Singh

Must Stop Further Divisions of Bhaarat

भारतका ज्यादा विभजन होने से रोकना हि है

President of China said:

India is a secular country only till the Hindu are in majority. As and when the Hindu are reduced in minority and the Muslims are increased in Majority (from 3-6% in 1947 to 35%+ this time and are on further increase), India shall no longer be a secular country. He also said that Islam is a mental disease.

Meghalaya High Court of India said:

  1. PM, Modi, should ensure that India is never transformed into a Muslim country as per the plans of Muslim leaders and Muslims religious leaders.
  2. India should be declared as a Hindu nation for the Hindu, when Pakistan was declared as a Muslim nation for the Muslims. As a matter of fact, India should have been already declared as a Hindu nation for the Hindu only.
  3. Withdraw the citizenship of those Muslim that refuses to abide by Indian law, and insists on Islamic law.
  4. India had achieved its independence through bloodshed, and not through peace and nonviolence with reference to Mahatma Gandhi and Pt. Nehru.
  5. During 1947 partition period, it was the Sikhs only who were great sufferers at the hands of Muslim cruelties and Muslim, when Muslims had made the stark-naked Sikh women dance on the roads, besides heavy atrocities on the Hindu killing them in large number.
  6. The day India is transformed into a Muslim country, not only India, but also entire world shall go into DOOM and TOTAL BLACKOUT.
  7. Govt. of India should grant citizenship to all Sikhs and Hindu, living abroad, in liberal manner if they wish to come into India and live here.

Ex-President of the USA, Barack Obama said: Indian Muslims are all different from the Muslims of other countries.

Present President of the USA, Donald Trump said: Muslims are problems in his country.

Swami Vivekanand had said: Islam is a group of killers to entire humanity.

EX and late Prime Minister of Britain, Mr. Churchill had said: Why only the Muslims are kept as Minority, while others are not… Why so…When the Muslims are the second largest population of the world and of India…..? Why so much wrong with the world?

Dr. Bhim Raj Ambedkarji had said:

  1. The Muslims are never adjustable with the Hindu due to vast diversity in their traditions, culture, language, religions and ideologies. (Even the Supreme Court of Pakistan confirms the views of Baba Sahib).
  2. With formation of Pakistan, the Muslims have lost all right in the divided India after 1947. They stay in the divided India is against the real facts of 1947 partition. Hence, the Muslims must go into their country, Pakistan (or 56 Islamic countries of the world).
  3. I would not accept the constitution of India, until and unless a last single Muslim is kicked out of India into Pakistan or (56 Islamic countries.)
  4. Fifty percent of the constitution of India is just a copy of the British law, 40% part of the constitution is imported from the constitution of other countries, and 10% part of the constitution is the personal wishes and personal ambitions of Pt. Nehru.
  5. The constitution of India shall never benefit the nation, because the same is not based on the real facts of partition of India in 1947. It was made in hurry in about 112 hours’ works at the instance of Nehru from 1947 to 1950.
  6. The Hindu should periodically keep on reviewing the constitution of India so as to make it useful, relevant and compatible as per the present and future needs of the country, otherwise the national shall go into DOOM with unending litigation and that the country shall be becoming slave to the mercy of the courts (like the present unending litigation on Ram Temple.)

Supreme court of India has said: Mosques are not necessary for paying NAMAJ.

NAMAJ can be paid within the homes too.


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