Secularism Is Not For Bhaarat

Secularism is European medicine against Christianity. It is not for Hindus or Hindustan because:

  1. Secularism is a foreign concept not a Vedic concept (We should insist use of our own Vedic concepts)
  2. The Hindu (i. e. Sanaatan Dharma, Vedic Dharma, or Varna-Aashram Dharma) dharma and culture are inherently respectful to all the religions or ideologies that are respectful to the Hindu dharma and culture
  3. The word “secular” is illegally inserted in the constitution in Indira Gandhi’s time without due process, and it is mis-used by the anti-Hindu people and parties

Therefore, we Hindus need to make Bhaarat a Vedic State, not a “secular” state.

If we do not do it, then in the world there will not be a safe place for Hindus or Hindu Dharma.

Remember that most of the 57 Muslim countries have only Islam legal. You cannot chant Rama Rama here.

Jaya Sri Krishna!

Suresh Vyas

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