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On M K Gandhi and Islam

(Note – The words or lines in parenthesis are inserted by Suresh Vyas)

If my father fights for me all his life, does enormous sacrifices, confronts biggest bullies, and stands up for me with the methods he saw fit at the time, but his methods do not work because other bullies are mean and selfish, would it not be a moral outrage to use the type of words some contributors of this conversation have used if I described my father in those words often making totally false, concocted charges against him to serve our lion sized egos? Yes, it would be, but of course, it is a free world.

I have been the biggest critic of Gandhi Ji’s ways, but

  • He was not planted by British. The Congress party chose him as its President.
  • The British were very ruthless and clever. They ruled India (and the rest of world) by clever and violent policies wherever possible. They brutally crushed our 1857 war of Independence, they hanged or exiled our esteemed leaders that were fighting them, like Veer Bhagat Singh and Neta Ji. So, our outrage should be directed at real culprits and not Gandhi Ji.
  • British cleverly left Gandhi alone but carefully monitored and put him in jail whenever threat exceeded a threshold.
  • He was not a pedophile and no documented cases have ever emerged. He was in public eye all his life. I have heard stories like his sleeping naked with children as an experiment, but there is never a case of assault against any child.
  • He did not cause partition of India, Muslims did. Again, we have (shown) no moral courage to stand up to those evil bullies, and instead we are using foul language against our own people. In case we do not understand, Muslims have (Islam has) inbuilt unfair practices to crush others (non-Muslims) over time with polygamy, large families etc. They know that by living with others, these practices will come under attack sooner or later. So, as soon as they get a chance and especially if they are in majority, they violently attack others and form Islamic republics (per Islam’s teachings.) So far, they have created 58 Islamic republics and are constantly fighting to create more. Whom will you blame for creating the rest 57 Islamic republics?

By not understanding Muslims’ (Islam’s) clever (unfair, unjust on un-human) ways, and redirecting our anger to our own people – we are doing a great disservice to our beloved mother India (to us Bhaaratiyas.) If we had understood (Islam), we would have banned polygamy and controlled their (Muslims’) artificially (insanely) large politically motivated families especially after 71 years of independence. We are totally losing focus on the real war (Islam’s jihad.)

 If we still do not do anything except hurling abuses at our dead or assassinated leaders, we would again have horrible civil wars ahead, dozens of times worse than 1947, when their numbers (population) approach or exceed 50% with the slaughter of millions of our children and grandchildren, and molestation of millions of our daughters and granddaughters.

(The reality is: Islam is constantly at war (jihad) with the non-Muslims. Any small crime by a Muslim against Hindu(s) or any hinderance, encroachment of freedom of thought, speech, action or movement, illegal possession of lands or women against Hindus is jihad, and nothing else.)

These things can be easily fixed by taking simple fair steps now, but up to now we have been too afraid of Muslims because they are violent and will start rioting; and we fear thousands of innocents may be killed. So, we keep on capitulating to their choking us from all angles, and do not abolish polygamy, articles 370 and 35A; do not rebuild Ram Ji’s mandir, do not democratically control their artificial large families etc. etc.  (We Hindus did it so far.)

Hopefully, it will all change after 2019, and Modi Ji is deliberately not doing anything to halt their unfair expansion so far as a matter of strategy.

If our new government has not done anything until the end of 2019, we shall have to reassess (quicvkly) and take a sobering decision collectively – Do we implement fair practices now and risk thousands of innocent lives by vicious unfair people hell bent on destroying our country who have already taken away one third of the country, or keep on meekly delaying until, in few generations, till they (the Muslims) have finished India by breaking it into dozens more of Pakistan’s with the loss and molestation of millions of our lives?

(We need to make Bhaarat a Vedic State, with pro-Vedic constitution where all he exclusive foreign invaded or sneaked in religions and ideologies will be illegal. To do this is earning punya for the peace and prosperity of the current and future generations of Hindus. That also will help null the sins we did in the past by making self-defeating anti-national anti-Hindu political and social decisions and practiced.)

Thanks, and regards,

Anand Sharma

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