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Hindus, Unite and Vote in the best Interest of the Vedic Nation


Please circulate this mail amongst your contacts:


Dear Hindus,


Loss of last state assemblies is enough for BJP & all nationalist & well-wishers of the nation to be on alert to fight all the opposition parties ganging together to defeat the most dedicated patriot, Shri Narendra Modi / BJP or its allies, combined NDA who are untiringly trying their best to make India “Vishwa Guru” & respectable all over the world.


I propose that we must forget our minor or major differences or quarrels / infights / ambitions / hidden agendas, and unitedly we must fight the Gatbandhan or Maha Gatbandhan & defeat them. Specially all Hindus must come together & not to be misled by the most foolish outbursts of congress chief forgetting how scams & scandals, one after the another, were frequent in their (Congress) / UPA regimes, making our beloved country on the verge of bankruptcy.


It may please be noted that when Congress or its favored persons/ organizations had been swallowing country’s wealth or discreetly sending it to Italy / overseas swiss etc. numbered accounts, how the country could trust congress presidents’ frequent baseless outbursts just to trap our innocent public in their favor & we are such bunch of fools that we easily fall in their (rascals/ anti nationalists) trap?


I do not wish to highlight various facts & statistics, but I, with folded hands & humbly, invoke all the Hindus & Hindu organizations, anywhere in the world, in particular to please get united to save the country becoming enslaved for 100’s of years to come this time. The opposition led by congress is being dictated by our enemies, Pakistan & various Islamic countries & Italy and persons like Navjyot Sidhu easily fall in their trap though Kartarpur Saheb, why not Sikhs question congress how did they allow Kartarpur Saheb to go to Pakistan?  Kartarpur Saheb / Gurdaspur district is ours only, which is the only link to our J&K via Gurdaspur & Pathankot.


Please note: Modi is going to ban Muslim league & AIMIM soon if he returns to power in 2019 and all those NGO’s who had been allowed to operate in India on one or other pretext.



S C Gupta


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