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Number One Problem For Largest Democracy-India

Almost every intellectuals and corrupt politicians in India, have been lecturing the entire world about their favorite party’s pseudo-development but how much are they right? No political party, including four plus years of Modi government ever talked about explosion in population. If this is the way Indians keep producing, by 2050, the land of Hindus will turn into land of Muhammad for ever, no if & but (read UNO report).
If Modi government fails to establish following revolutionary change within his next term, goodbye to Hindutwa:
  1. Replace current constitution with a new one based upon Vedic Philosophies and Traditions
  2. Total elimination of Sharia laws from the land of Ram & Krish’n
  3. One marriage at a time and not more than 2 children in one family regardless of multiple marriages. 
  4. Eliminate reservation of any kind and replace with government subsidized free education to poor only
  5. Term Limit for any and all politicians, NO pension or any kind f perks for their services. 


Dr. Kumar Arun
f: India Heritage Foundation
November 5, 2018

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