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Yes, I am in total agreement with you Chandar Kohli.

It is high time Modi Ji did some cleaning up of the Judiciary. It is begging for an immediate revamp.
I find the Indian judiciary has gone overboard in the matters of religion particularly Hinduu tradition and its laid out rule and regulation to the extent it has handed down a controversial verdict defying Sabarimala Ayeppan Shrine’s established rule denying entry to women of productive age.
This is definitely not within its ambit to entertain an affidavit challenging the Sabarimala Shrine’s standing rule by a none-Hinduu.
I feel this is a lopsided verdict and I consider it an affront and insult to the Hinduus, in general, it must not be left unchallenged, I would suggest the President should step in and nullify the verdict of the SC. and at the same time stipulate the courts to stay out of controversy in the matter of HInduu / Vedic Sanatana Dharma. Not only that but also relinquish the governments hold on Hinduu religious affair and its many temples administration and its funds donated by the Hinduu devotees. Stop the state from taking the Temple’s incomes accrued as per the donations of the devotees. All funds so accrued should be the responsibility of the Devastanam to ACCUMULATE and used solely to that particular temple for its maintenance and expenses incurred.
(Please read the article at below link:

jaya sri Krishna! – Surfesh Vyas)

 Jai Hind.

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