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अपने को बचाने के लिए  हिन्दुओं को निम्नलिखित करना ही होगा —–
और ”अहिंसा  परमो  धर्मः” छोड़ना ही हो गा और
धर्म रक्षा , देश रक्षा हेतु हिंसा परमो  धर्मः अपनाना ही होगा 
What can Hindus do now?
The Hindus if they wish to survive from extinction they must unite and  act now otherwise there will be no tomorrow for them. The following are a must for all  citizens –
1.     Limit family by  two children per couple.—— Muslims and Catholics also —–
2.     Abolish polygamy by Muslims.
3.     Abolish article 370.
4.     Abolish resettlement rule 10 of J&K
5.     Close Madrassas and stop financial aid to  such schools.
6.     Expel all over  four Karore  illegal immigrants from Bangladesh/Pakistan/Middle east and from many other countries.
7.     Plan to disintegrate Pakistan and ultimately destroy Pakistan/Bangladesh before they destroy Hindustan because Pakistan/ Bangladesh  are  determined to divide/ disintegrate Hindusthan by infiltration and sending terrorists for evil activities.
8.     Cut all contracts with Pakistan and Bangladesh and Afghanistan.
9.     Destroy terrorists/camps in Pakistan.
10.  Expel all foreign  Christians missionaries.
11.  Abolish reservations
12.  Stop subsidizing travelers to Hajj or pay equal sums of money to every Hindu, Buddhist ,Sikh and Jain who go to their Holy places. The Hajj pilgrims are now costing over 800  crores of Rupees every year  and cost is rising every year.
13.  Control population explosion. No plan for development will be successful without control of population.
14.  Work to eradicate corruption, poverty and diseases.
15.  Give facilities to poor students
16.  Secure borders 
17.  Bring one civil code, one law for all citizens
18.  Security at borders
19.  Ban cow slaughter
20.  Rename India officially as Hindusthan/ the land of the Hindus.
21.  Give up the policy of appeasement  and secularism.
22.  Stop water supply to Pakistan from Indian rivers.
23.  Severe all diplomatic, air, land, sea, cultural, sports  relations with Pakistan/ Bangladesh and Afghanistan to have peace in the country.
24.  Expel all Pakistani artists from India.
25.  Stop illegal  Pakis  and Bangladeshis to come to India.
26.  Total and complete exchange of population that is to send all Muslims to Pakistan and Bangladesh from India and take all the Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan and Bangladesh to India according to B. R. Ambedkar’s plan suggested in 1946.This can be done now if we have the right patriotic leaders in India.                                                                                        
The over dose of non-violence has penetrated so deep in the minds of people in India that they find it easy to surrender their honor, dignity, self  respect behind the  Burka of non-violence that is destroying the whole Indian Nation. The time has come for Hindus to dominate and rule India with one law for all without exception that will be true freedom otherwise this freedom is no freedom in true sense of the word where majority Hindu is a refugee  [Kashmiris] in his own country due to  spineless  secular or pseudo secular leaders  of congress and its supporters and everything attached  to word Hindu is being destroyed and laughed at.
27.  Triple Talak must be unconstitutional to free Muslim women in free Hindusthan.
Be so powerful that nobody dares to harm you and only then you can follow the  non violence .
The saints and modern preachers of Ahimsa  including . Gandhi have cheated and fooled all Hindus by preaching half truth because that is ‘’ahimsa paramo dharmah’’ is a lie (it is half truth).  All the leaders  and religious  leaders have taught this half truth to Hindus for far too long.
The over dose of half truth ‘ AHINSA PARMODHARMAH’ for over two and half thousand years has done enormous harm to Hindus  and our most beautiful, civilized ,wealthy, advanced in every branch of knowledge, peaceful country because we failed to be ready to defend ourselves from Islamic and Christian attackers for thirteen centuries and what we got was broken ,partitioned. , disfigured, Bharatvarsha/ Hindusthan/ India in 1947 due to weakness of congress leaders .                                                         .                                                                               
The whole  quotation  or the  truth is’ ‘Ahinsa  parmo dharmah dharmah   hinsa tathaiva cha’’ means that   non-violence is  great principle to follow  but so is violence or use of strength or force  in the defense of the nation and  Dharma or righteousness /honor/dignity/ sovereignty , /life, / children/mother , motherland and self protection.
I would rather choose violence to protect myself ,my family, my community, my country , my religion against evil and evil doers. Here I consider violence  superior than nonviolence the history remembers  and honors braves  not cowards and takes inspiration from brave people.

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