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Islamic Scholars and Strategists have defined the 3 stages of conquest of any territory or nation .

These are  the 3 stages of  islamization of any country. First is Dar ul Harab , second is Dar ul Habeeb and final is Dar ul Islam/Dar ul Tawhik  .

Dar ul Harab is where Muslims are less than 5% , they are advised to live and merge their identity with the rest of the population , dress like others , behave like others and even use local names. Slowly they bring in relatives,  convert few more and have more children per family in order  to increase their numbers in the population.

Dar ul Habeeb Once they reach 20 to 30% they start asserting themselves through their Islamic dress which includes hijaab and burkaa for women , skull caps and short pajamas , start doing Namaz in public places , demand Islamic banking , Sharia law etc etc.

As per Islam Dar ul Harab and Dar ul Habeeb are conflict zones.

Dar ul Islam : once Muslim population exceeds 35 to 40% then starts a policy of aggressive and brutal  persecution of the non Muslims and it becomes so violent and bloody that eventually the non Muslims either flee that country or convert to Islam. Modus operandi is Murders of non Muslim men and sexual crimes against non Muslim women. In next 10 years the Muslim population jumps from 40% to 90% , this cleansing process continues till it goes up to 99.99%.

Caliph Aijaaz of Saudi Arabia in his written instructions to Mohd bin Qassim clearly instructed to show absolutely  no mercy to idol worshippers I.e. non Muslim people and soldiers. They should not be seatevd (seated?) at all and given no chance even if they plead acceptance of your rule.

Two days back 20 Hindus and Sikh brothers were killed in Afghanistan . In 1947 there were 7 lac Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan , in 2018 only 7000 are left , now they are being persecuted to leave the country.

Study any if the 52 Islamic nations and you will find the same process , examples that we can understand are Persia (now called Iran) , Kashmir , Can see similar things in Syria, Lebanon , Yemen.

India is now in final stage of  Dar ul Habeeb stage and moving rapidly towards next stage of Dar ul Tawhik .  Parts of India that are close of Dar ul Tawhik  stage are Kashmir valley , parts of course West Bengal, parts of Assam,  some parts of Western UP, parts of Kerala  .

Dar ul Tawhik is defined as a place where Muslims are dominant , the laws are Sharia and it’s borders are shared with Muslim countries.

Yesterday one communist man was murdered by Muslims .

The purpose of sending this post is just to create awareness on an issue that concerns all of us now or may  do so in immediate future .


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