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Ramachandra Guha (@Ram Guha) tweeted at 9:59 PM on Wed, May 09, 2018:

‘As I wrote in 2015, the only credible right-wing intellectual in India is Arun Shourie; the only person on that side who has produced serious books rather than clever columns or cheeky tweets. That he was completely kept out by Modi/Shah tells us all we need to know about them’.



Very shortly afterwards, he got a reply from@TrueIndology as follows:

True Indology (@TrueIndology) tweeted at 1:05 AM on Thu, May 10, 2018:

Since 2015, Shourie has become a scholar for Ramachandra Guha because that was when Shourie turned anti BJP. Earlier, when Shourie hadn’t turned anti BJP, the same Ramachandra Guha had abused Shourie and dismissed him as “a pamphleteer parading as historian”


True Indology (@TrueIndology) tweeted at 1:15 AM on Thu, May 10, 2018:


Snippet from @Ram Guha’s essay “The use and Abuse of Gandhi” from his book “An Anthropologist Among the Marxists..” In this book, he had dismissed Shourie as “pamphleteer, woefully ill informed, bilious polemicist, baiter of minorities and comparable to white American fascists” True Indology on Twitter


True Indology on Twitter

“Snippet from @Ram Guha’s essay “The use and Abuse of Gandhi” from his book “An Anthropologist Among the Marxist…



The tragedy is that those who occupy the intellectual space think that the Internet Hindus are fools and will not be able to call out the hypocrisy and their changing position based on the latest situation.

Like in George Orwell’s book ‘1984’, where changing alliances involved rewriting history to wipe out the abuses of the new friend when this friend was the enemy, etc.


The real problem in the system is not people like Ramachandra Guha, who have a pecuniary compulsion to do what they do. It is those who accept him as an intellectual and thoughtlessly look up to him as an informed guide about what is happening in India.


For example, in April 2017, three American Universities (Stanford, Berkley and Georgetown) had invited him to speak to an audience, where presumably would be people (particularly students) who wish to know about what is happening at the political level in India. From the topics listed, clearly the bias was to try and put the present NDA government in bad light, and to narrate how things have seriously deteriorated since it came to power in 2014.

When those who wish to consult anyone on issues relating to India and expect to receive an unbiased narration of what is happening, it is also their duty to do due diligence about the person that they are consulting.


When Ramachandraji so blatantly tell lies, as above, then he is doing a great disservice to the nation and its people who have provided him with the resources to live the lifestyle he does.



If ‘propaganda’ is a symphony, Ram Guha is Beethoven

Nupur J Sharma

11 May 2018

Propagandists in India are prone to tawdry and tacky methods. There is very often no elegance in their methods. No poetry. No finesse. They lie clumsily, their hypocrisy, as bright as day, for all men to behold. The kind of propagandists who use photoshop to morph images and don’t dress their lies up just enough so they don’t get caught.

Not Ramchandra Guha. Watching him propagate is like watching poetry in motion.

The lies rolling off his tongue like airy butter cookies melting in one’s mouth, his hypocrisy, misrepresentations and half-truths, blending so effortlessly to falsely present a mirage of truth.

His nonchalant brazenness that has almost become a part of his charm, only amplified by those Harry Pinteresque glasses, albeit rimless, that give him the natural air of nerdy, intellectual superiority.

How can someone not believe a man with his salt pepper, disheveled, quintessentially “intellectual” look?


And therein lies the beauty of his con. Look so immaculately tousled, that every bit of lie and hypocrisy is taken at face value.


And lord knows, Ram Guha is a treasure trove of hypocrisy and lies.

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Udayabhanu Panickar [aryayouthgroup] <></>

May 12 (1 day ago)


to aryayouthgroup


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A man who fabricates history is talking.



Udayabhanu Panickar

aum namaH ShivAya


Our spiritual heritage is neither a cult; a creed, a dogma; nor a one-way single path to heaven. It is multiple lane Super highway for mOKSham, which is the merger of jeevAtHman with paramAThman. It is not even just a religion as such; nor is it just a way of life. It is the complete and comprehensive collection of divine knowledge of the Absolute Truth, which, when learned and practiced; can lead people to the experience of the Absolute and the Ultimate Bliss. It is a continuously evolving and absorbing science; The Science of the Absolute, a flexible body of Divine knowledge centered on the quest of the jeevAtHman (for the English-speaking world, we may refer this as ‘soul’) for its’ birthright, ‘the divine realization’. In addition, it makes provisions for all jeevAtHman in this quest. Yet, it remains immeasurable as it safeguards the very purpose of all life everywhere and in all things. We may call It ‘SanAthana Dharma’, but never categorize it just as a religion, or just as a way of life. It is much Greater and Spiritual than both. The wise called it “The Science of Spirituality”, The Science of the Absolute”, “The Science of the Self” or “The Science of the Soul”. It is braHMavidya. We may call it AdhyAtmavidya, not a religion. ShivOham, ShivOham, ShivOham.




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