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Unbelievable, but true
From: raghavendra rao karadala < >
A small riddle for you people …
  1. Loans given to Muslims @ 6 % interest.
  2. Loans given to Hindus @ 13 % interest. Can you imagine which Muslim country is resorting to this injustice? Can you name the country? Lo and Behold….it’s I N D I A i.e. Bhaarat… Now read on…….
  3. Special salary of Rs.2,500 to Imams in Bengal;
  4. Quota to Muslims in Tamil Nadu, Karnatak, Bengal etc;
  5. Andhra Pradesh Government is moving Heaven & Earth to Quota to Muslims (at the cost of Hindus)
  6. Fees paid by Govt for 72,09,000 Muslim students;
  7. Monthly Rs. 12,000 scholarship to 32,145 Muslim studentsA whopping amount totaling to Rs.700 Crore;
  8. Educational loans to Muslims at 3% and many other favors given through N.M.D.C.
  9. (National Minority Development Corporation);
  10. Rs. 1,43,396 Crore loan to Muslims for businesses(at the nominal rate of 6% interest) in priority sector lending per RBI circular.
  11. While 13% interest levied on Hindus etc.”
Hindus, please press the gov’t to stop this injustice in your own homeland–Hindustan.
jaya sri Krishna!

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