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As received

I agree with Hamid Ansari.

“Muslims were always unsafe in India once Babar felt so unsafe he demolished Ram Mandir and built Babri mosque on it.

In 1705 two sons ( 6yr & 9yr ) of Guru Gobind Singh were bricked alive for haunting poor and unsafe Mughals.

Unsafe peaceful Muslims once skinned alive Sambhaji, son of Shivaji, for not converting.

In 1675 unsafe Aurangzeb beheaded 9th Sikh Guru right in the center of Delhi for not converting to RoP

Jinnah was unsafe in India and thus broke India into 3 pieces and created Pakistan.

In 1990 Kashmiri Muslims killed and drove out Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir for making them feel unsafe

Once Passengers singing Bhajans in Sabarmati Express were torched alive by unsafe Peacefuls at Godhra.

Poor Muslim kid Mohammed Afroz who raped Nirbhaya was only given Sewing Machine & Rs. 10,000 shows insecurity of poor Muslims in India.

May be Kerala Muslims joined ISIS coz they feel scared of living in India

Muslims in India are so scared that they end up becoming President, VP, PM, Ministers.

Now they need separate planes for hajj too”

If Hamid Ansari Is Right then Why don’t Muslim shift to a safe place created for them by Nehrus and Gandhis of India after getting our people killed and our ancestral lands snatched?

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