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This refers to the report, “Hindu Rashtra will entail new Pak demand, jihad” published in The Pioneer of 11.05 2017.

This report raises a few questions and comments:

Maulana Nurur Rehman Barkati, the Shahi Imam of Kolkata’s Tipu Sultan Mosque and one of the biggest champions of Mamata Banerjee’s policy of minority appeasement, threatened jihad should India be declared a Hindu Rashtra and azaan and Quran were banned.

  1. On what basis the Maulana assumed that azaan and the Quran would be banned in the event of India be declared a Hindu Rashtra? This reminds the 1946 Karachi speech of MA Jinnah who reportedly said that if there would be no Pakistan, Muslims would not be allowed to pray in mosques, forced to eat vegetarian food and wear loin cloth (alluding to Mahatma Gandhi). These were blatant lies. The Maulana is indulging similar lies after 70 years.
  2. Regarding jihad, it started in right earnest in India from 712 A D when Muhammad Bin Kasim invaded Sind. It peaked when Jinnah declared the Day of Direct Action on 16 August, 1946 in which at least 10,000 Hindus were butchered by Muslim League goons in a matter of few days. And these riots led to the formation of Pakistan in August 1947. Then, the newly formed Pakistan had 3 crore Hindus and the truncated India had 4 crore Muslims constituting about 25% and 10% of population respectively. Now, the whole world knows that jihad is nothing but gangsterism, fiendish violence against those innocent fellow human beings who do not toe their line of thinking. I would like to ask the Maulana if jihad conforms to civilized behavior and conduct?
  3. Has he commented on the decimation of Hindu/Sikh/Buddhist population in Pakistan and Bangladesh and the expulsion of Hindus from Kashmir? If he has no objection of Pakistan and Bangladesh becoming Islamic states, why should he object of India becoming a Hindu Rashtra?
  4. He brings good conduct certificate to the Mamata Banerjee government from imams of Middle East countries. So, his heart is there and not in India where he is living and wants to break it further. This is clearly seditious and poses a challenge for the chief minister to take against him if she believes in the integrity of the country.

Submitted for publication.

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(Skanda987’s comment: The CM is a Muslims and has no interest in Hindu dharma or nation.  The root cause of the problem is the existence of anti-Vedic forcibly invaded intolerant and barbaric Islam. It needs to be purged out of Bhaarat by making Bhaarat a Vedic State (not secular) where Islam will be illegal.  The Hindustani Muslims will have a choice to quit Islam under Ghar Waapasi program, or move out of Hindustan.  There is no other choice that will save Hindustan for Hindus.  At the same time, the Hindus need to know dharma correctly, and live per dharma correctly.  That will stop any malpractice of dharma, such as caste by birth, untouchability, dowry, corruption, etc. You cannot make the barbarians (the asuras) understand with civil talks.  – Skanda987)


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