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Debate and Conclusion: Sikhs are Hindus – No Doubt



Must read very carefully as each has word has lot of meaning. The louder Militant Sikhs spoke, more effectively Acharyaji spoke back with documentation. It was a very heavy quick response discussion.

Every Hindu must be prepared for their mischief in the name of Sikhism.

In this hot discussion, the words of Acharyaji were like the Baans of Arjun’s Gandiv. Louder Militants denounced India, Hindus, and RSS, more stronger and firmly was given the message.

BBC Television and other media had always criticized RSS and when Sikh militants spoke the same language against RSS, then your guess is as good as ours – who are behind these militant Sikhs in the USA hating RSS? This is very essential for BJP to understand this very hot discussion.

After examining the attachments and the following loud discussion, India can win back Sikhs and Punjab – they have been spilling too much poison that started during the period of British Raj  by puffing them up and they are not settled yet – Acharyaji blasted big loud mouth Sikh Militants (SOLUTION GIVEN THE END OF DISCUSSION:


Singh was the title given to Hindu army. Everyone fought against Muslims were addressed “Singh” meaning lion. It had nothing to do with cast and creed. Yet Guru Gobind last name was Rai.


With this, very addition Rai against Guru Gobind, Militant Sikhs got terribly offended.


  1. a) If militant Sikhs reminded the full name of Guru Gobind like Guru Gobind Rai (Singh), they became fanatically extremely furious because they are desperately trying to forsake any links with the Hindus or Hinduism. They just want Singh no Rai.


Our quick response to militant Sikhs: “Well then you must not like either Gobind name if you hate so much Rai – Gobind is also Hindu name – Hope you are not ready to give your sons’ name Mohammad Tuglak or Mohammad Timur.”


  1. b) Militants refused to accept that Guru Gobind Rai Singh ever performed 40 days Yagana in Anantpur


  1. c) Militant Sikhs have discarded books where Guru Gobind Rai Singh had spoken the truth and his reasons for the army of Singhs:


Asking militants about Panth Prakash!


Militant answers, no we do not believe this book


What about Vichita Natak, Kali Avtar – Guruji had spoken?


  1. d) Militant Sikhs, “We do not believe in these books and they are fabricated.


Why militants do not want to believe?


ANSWER: Because militants face the realistic truth as was stated by Guru Gobind Rai Singh in these books?


Guruji had clearly spoken that there had sprung out sects in the country who do not want to honor the Vedas but spread desperate teachings. Exactly this was the warning to militants by Guruji


FACT: these books connect them with their Hindu past which is very poisonous to present day militant Sikhs.


  1. f) Militant Sikhs speak: “We only believe in Granth Sahib, not any other books.”


We asked militants, “how many times Bhagwan Sri Ram’s name appeared in Granth Sahib?”


Militant Sikhs replied: “No, no no that was not the same Ram that Hindus worship.”


We ask the question from militant Sikhs, “can you identify that particular Ram that is being mentioned over 20,000 times in Granth Sahib?


Militant Sikhs have no answer.


Then again, the question was raised asking militant Sikhs, “Was that a newly created Ram, not the same Ram Hindus worship; just during the inception of Sikhism (500 years ago). Do you have any proof of any 10 Gurus stating that they had found a new Ram for Sikhs?”


THE VERY FIRST NINE Sikh Gurus did not even known the word Sikhism and the 10th Guru had organized Hindus to stand to fight against Muslims, so where did a new Ram appear after Guru Gobind Rai had decreed Hindus on the Symbol of SINGH? Even those past 9 Gurus must have not known another Ram will be appearing upon the foundation of Sikh army, especially, for militant Sikhs. Who are those poisonous snakes feeding you poison against Hindus and against your basic existence for Sikh Dharm?


Now you new militant Sikhs saying that Ram in Granth Sahib is not the same of Hindu’s Ram but the first nine Sikh Gurus 100% had confirmed that there was no other Ram except Ayodhya Nagari Ram because they had not heard the word Sikhism – Because of the reason of Sikhism, you have decided to separate from Hinduism.

TO MILITANT SIKHS: “You said you only believe in Granth Sahib but you found out now that Bhagwan Sri Ram’s name appears almost in every page of Granth Sahib. You also denied Guru Gobind Rai Singh’s words spoken through Panth Prakash, Kali Avtar, after all your contradictions, it is important to know the truth with the documentation stated in Granth Sahib which you said that you trusted only Granth Sahib. That is what you all Militants arguing here have agreed. Is this the final answer?

All Sikh Militants spoke with one voice “YES” and they thought that they were no longer linked to Hindus which all those Western operatives are poisoning their minds by twisting confusing these lost Sikhs. All militants present  their felt their militancy was loudly accepted and heard.

Here Acharyaji read loudly from Granth Sahib so militants were assured that Acharyaji did not falsify another persuasion in convincing militants their solid Hindu background:

Guru Granth Sahab: “The Vedas are revealed by OMKAR – how one can praise the holy Vedas! They are endless. How can their end be found!” …. (1:1 and 10:3)

Guru Nanak, the first Sikh Guru, sang the glory of the Vedas regarding them as revealed by God in the following passages of the Granth Sahib: “The Vedas were made or revealed by God.” “The Vedas were revealed under the orders of God, so that human beings could distinguish between sins and merits.” “Sam Ved, Rig Ved, Yajur Ved and Atharv Ved have been revealed by God. No one can evaluate their importance. They are inestimable and eternal.” “How can one praise the holy Vedas? They are endless. How can their end be found?” “As there can be no darkness under the candle, so the study of the Vedas destroys all sinful thoughts of the intellect.” “Though there are numberless books, the recitation and study of the Vedas stands first in order of merits.”  (GS 1:1, Mehla 5, Mehla 1:17, Vasant Asthpadiya 1:3, GS10:3)

So listen and pay attention, what you are contradicting your very own foolish mind under the influence of very many evil hateful. How much are you being funded from CIA for doing this desperate separation and poisoning the minds of gullible Sikhs in India?


You do not believe a word what Guru Gobind Rai Singh he had spoken in books. You do not believe those books. You believe only in Granth Sahib now we have proved document in Granth Sahib praising Vedas and as well as praised by Guru Nanak Ji. Now tell us now where is your position with Sikhism? You are outcast and just putting hypocrite show of religion as if you are Sikhs but the truth is that you are totally outside of Sikhism using local Indian Sikhs for combined CIA operation by all sorts of falsification for destabilization Punjab and India. That is your true mission which you get funding. For making dollars, you are raping your own Mother Source. Nobody can deny.


Then Acharyaji spoke GREAT WORDS OF WISDOM OF OUR Guru Gobind Rai (Singh), the tenth Sikh’s Guru (Panth Prakash, Niwas –25, Page 201-202): “Ours is ancient Arya Dharm. All the good qualities linked with truth and which have been described in the Vedas come back into operation in the world on methodically following Vedic system. Let the Khalsa Panth (Religion of the Pure) reverberate in the entire world, and the Hindu Dharm awaken in every nook and corner. I have come to this world to protect Dharma and to destroy the evildoers. I shall restore the honor of Veda-Dharma in the world and shall wipe out the crime of cow killing. He writes with pain in ‘Kali Avtar’: There have sprung up section that does not honor the Vedas but spread desperate teachings.”

This clearly means, you even defy everything what Sikh Guru Gobind Rai Singh wanted you to follow.


MILITANT SIKH: “No we are not like Hindus doing Murti Puja.”


But you got Gurus pictures in every Gurdwara.


Militant: “We do not believe in pictures now.”


WE SPOKE: “Without the pictures, how do you determine between Nanak and Tegh Bahdur?”


Are you favoring Islam proving you are more militant than those terrorists against Hindus are?


The following were reminded to militant Sikhs:


HOWEVER, REMEMBER, terrorist Muslims of Pakistan, called Taliban, and had destroyed Seventy (70) Gurdwaras in Afghanistan.


Sikh women and girls were forced to wear Burkhas;


Sikh girls were not allowed to attend schools in Afghanistan.


Over 60,000 Sikhs were sent letters in Kashmir by Pakistan terrorists stating in those letters either to convert to Islam or leave Kashmir.


Sikhs were beaten up by white Americans right after 9-11;


In Wisconsin, a white racist attacked Gurdwara where many Sikhs were murdered and injured.


Right after 9/11, many Americans refused to sit in cabs, driven by Sikhs, in New York.


Young Americans covered Sikhs in Jute Bags and carried to police stations for five million rewards, thinking they had caught Bib laden.


QUESTION TO MILITANT SIKHS: “Now coming to the point – when you see the picture of your father and mother, what you all see?”


You will say, you see through those pictures your past with your mother and father when you were a baby – how did they give you love and hug? Isn’t the truth?


That is the reason for pictures – each picture of Sikh Guru relates to his past but not overlapping each other past in all the pictures. Therefore, you have 10 Gurus and each Guru had exhibited great qualities with great morals and valor, and, therefore you adore them.


Sure, you are not going to say dog or cat has no image. How will you know one is a dog and another is a cat. So you have been terribly fooled by Muslim criminals always have made fun of Hindu deities. Instead of beating every one of those con artists for making mockery of Hindu deities, you Sikh militant have joined hands with the goons and thus terribly insulting Hindus for installing deities in Hindu temples.


Now you understand very well where does Islam stand after they had chased all Sikhs from Afghanistan?


Where did you all run after Taliban had chased Sikhs?


Answer lies in the Mother India.


After the year 1990, Sikhs had left Afghanistan and most of them had settled in Bharat Mata land – KUTE KI DUM KABHI SIDHI NAHI HOTI. After seeing all these ISIS, Pakistan terrorism, Militant Sikhs in Militant Gurdwaras in USA and England, militant Sikhs continue to speak India is our Number one enemy.


Their position is “DHOBI KA KUTA NA GHAR KA NA GHAT KA.”


We have told very clearly point-blank as loud as they could hear: “Do not break India into pieces under the influence of poisonous snakes as they will leave you no where.”


One more thing was spoken to militant Sikhs: “Don’t you all know that Golden Gurdwara was called HAR MANDIR until 1930 and Hindu Brahmins did the Pooja?


They started arguing and we spoke loudly you hateful war mongers ready to destroy your own foundation by separating from Hinduism.


Militant Sikh finally spoke: “Oh we have learned something from you.”


One last piece of advice to all of you militant Sikhs: “In our discussion, did you realize how much you are trying to disunite from Hindus and India? Did you realize that how much Hindus are trying to embrace you as together with one common goal on Dharm, Karm, Bhajan, Yog on OM. Is any Karm, Dharm, Devotion, Bhajan, Mediation, picture made of the same five elements: water, fir, air, ether and earth and so is the statue with same elements, ARE THEY DIFFERENT IN YOUR NEWLY MILITANT SIKHISM?


TO MILITANT SIKHS: We do not find any difference between the pure teachings of Guru Gobind Rai’s Sikhism and Hinduism.


Asking militant Sikhs, “Do you respect Holy Cows?”


Here militant Sikhs were first reluctant and Acharyaji felt something they had been programmed in the West against closing of slaughterhouses in UP, Gujarat. We firmly spoke very loud by stating seems like you want to oppose Hindus on this issue as well. There they go against – militant Sikhs accept with reluctance, not with the same zeal Guru Ji had spoken as follows (also print from attachment).


Sri Guru Gobind Rai Singh spoke: “I will restore the honor of Ved Dharm in the whole world and shall wipe out the crime of cow-killing from every nook and corner of the world.”


So you militant Sikhs do not even honor and respect the words of Guru Gobind Rai Singh so all of you are heading to burning hellish planets – there is no deliverance for you.


In the process of discussion with the militant Sikhs, they were reminded that they were in the company of illiterate bad boys and they will destroy you like Bhinderwala had butchered Hindus by pulling them from trains and buses for the demand to create Khalistan.


We also reminded these militants, that this Bhinderwala terrorist had agreed with CIA and Pakistan that Khalistan would be under the supervision of Islamic Pakistan in order to get funding through CIA operatives.


Now listen carefully, you militant Sikh boys, with utmost attention: “That was around the year 1984 when Bhinderwala and his militant gang had created havoc in Punjab…


If say Bhinderwala and his militant gang had succeeded to separate Punjab to build Khalistan, under the jurisdiction of Pakistan, as was the condition of operation, by now Pakistan terrorists would have walked all over Khalistan. That is the fact. – Just like you have found out six years later Pakistan’s Islamic Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan cleaned/cleared out Sikhs – Taliban are the Islamic trained terrorists from Pakistan and CIA created them all from USA’s backing.


MILITANTS, Realize your position in the world and do not remain Dhobi Ka Kuta Na Gher Ka Na Ghat Ka.




Let us show your total guts and we will love to watch your great success and endeavor. I am sure everyone in India will be happy for your efforts. CIA has trained Sikh militants in Pakistan during Bhinderwala and even during the Air India flight originated from Canada where more than 400 people were murdered. Well go on with your militancy and now you will not be saved as militant Sikhs were saved by Canada’s judges’ falsification for not hanging militant Sikhs connected to downing Air India flight.


Militant Sikh speaks: “Sikhs saved Hindus otherwise entire India would be Muslim.”


TO MILITANT SIKHS: “You mean to say, Hindus were waiting for Nanak Guru or other coming Gurus to save Hindus?”


What about Prithivi Chowan? What about Rana Sangha? What about Mahrana Pratap? Did you hear about Shivaji? Did you know about Baji Rao that even Napoleon was no match to Baji Rao. So come out from limited space of Punjab and learn what great Hindu warriors were doing much before Guru Nanak came. Do you know Chandr Gupt Maurya?


How Sikhs could save Hindus when that Sikh army was made of Hindus to save Hindus?


You mean to say Aurangzeb and his gang of Muslim murderers had participated in Sikh army to defend Hindus from the atrocities of Muslims! For your very weird ideas, you think we must not ask you in the similar weird ways.


Also, remember there was no Sikh Turban before Guru Gobind Rai Singh.


That is why you call Nanak not Nanak Singh or you call Tegh Bahdur, not Tegh Badhur Singh who was father of Gobind Rai.


TO SIKH MILITANT: “Do not play games with you, with your families and good meaning Sikhs for your desperation of leadership by militancy.  You will sink their ship just like Taliban sent you out Sikhs from Afghanistan. They will never be with you. Hope you do not have planned to join ISIS? Back off and join hands with Bharat Mata and get back rest of West Punjab and Nanaka. That should be your right aim.”


Well, do you have the history knowledge just limited to Punjab? We have much greater respect of Guru Gobind Rai Singh Ji than you militants do. He was not saving Sikhs but his purpose was to form the SINGH ARMY to save the Hindus – it was in defense to Hinduism.


You are trying to tell as if Tegh Badhur was not a Hindu yet he was also trying to help Hindus so they could be protected as well. However, there was no Sikhism.


This is the top most foolish statement. The truth is that Sri Tagh Bahdur had challenged Aurangzeb for the discussion. Upon that agreement Sri Tegh Bahdur, himself a staunch Hindu, had taken forty Hindu Brahmins to discuss Dharm with demon Aurangzeb.


What this Muslim demon Aurangzeb did? He arrested Sri Tegh Bahdur with all those forty learned Hindu Brahmins and put them in Jail.


Sri Tegh Bahdur’s head was cut off in Sisganj Gurdwara, Chandni Chowk, Delhi by this evil fanatic Muslim Aurangzeb.


MILITANT SIKHS TRYING ANOTHER SEPERATION BY THIS STATEMENT: “Nanak did not want his followers to wear Janoi and no mantras.”


OUR REPLY TO MILITANT SIKHS: “When Sikh Bhajani doing Bhajans, what is the purpose? When Sikhs do meditation on OMKAR, what is the underlying mission of Sikhism?


Mantras contain the sacred Sanskrit words either they can be recited or sung as Bhajans – same OM can be repeated in meditation, or recited in resonance or can be put into the Bhajan format: Jai Hari OM, OM, OM, Jai Hari OM..


You utmost militant fools, you have lost your total understanding and, therefore, we do not find an iota of Sikh Dharm in your consciousness. So do not claim to be Sikh as you are greedy desperate to control certain portion of land for your leadership anxiousness by misleading pure Sikhs in India.


HERE IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE AFTER THE GURU HAD LEFT: “Well Arya Samaj followers broke the Hindu deities after passing away of Sri Dayanand Swami. If the fools try their own separation, was that the teaching of any good meaning guru? You militant so puffed-up as if Nanak created a new Karm, New Dharm, new Yoga, new Om, new Devotion for his followers, isn’t what you have been telling?”


Is Karm of a Sikh, Hindu, Christian or Muslim on an Universal Platform different as per according to one’s belief?


The intrinsic universal law applies very minutely and precisely to all conscious souls – no difference!


Yogi Bhajan did yoga on OMKAR.


Acharyaji asked him 37 years ago, where did originate OM?


Then Acharyaji explained that Bhagwan Sri Krishn explains to Arjun over 5,200 years ago:  “I am the father of this universe, the mother, the support, and the grandsire. I am the object of knowledge, the purifier and the syllable OM. I am also the Rk, the Sama, and the Yajur [Vedas].” Bhagavad-Gita Chapter 9:17




Advice to Hindus, RSS, BJP, VHP:


Print three pages from attachment and drop millions of copies over the Punjab areas from airplanes.  This way, they will find the culprits who are misleading Sikhs terribly.


Punjab will be the victory for BJP as those feeding the poison to local Indian Sikhs are sitting in the USA, Canada, Punjab. They want to use them so these militants from outside run the operations with the help of CIA etc.


This is the best solution: keep on printing millions of copies and distribute all over Punjab without fail.


Did USA throw food during war in Afghanistan from airplanes?


That was food for the body.




So throw millions of pages in Punjab so those turning militants will realize between the truth and fiction.


Hari Bolo

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