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Dear Hindus,

1. It is amazing that:

  1. Pakistan was created for Muslims, but many Muslims stayed (requested to stay!!) in India, after partition.  Hindus were forced out of Pakistan, after looting and raping them, by Muslims, during partition. Hindus never objected.
  2. Government of India nurtured Muslims for the last 70 years, like a small child is nurtured. . Hindus never objected

  3. Muslims were given special treatment by the Government of India .Hindus never objected.

  4. Muslims were given special privileges .Hindus never objected.

  5. Muslims are still being nurtured. Muslims are still being given special treatment by the Government of India. Muslims are still, been given special privileges. Hindus are still not objecting.

2. Muslims, who were given shelter, in India, by Hindus, now have started considering themselves as privileged class and treating Hindus, like slaves, and Hindus are accepting it.

3. Democracy is the game of numbers. With increase in Muslim population, they will have more vote power. Soon they will control India politically.

4. Soon History will be repeated. This time Hindus will be obliterated, unless Hindus do something.

5. What is required to be done by Hindus? Following can be done:–

(a) Understand the existing problems; make aware of it, to all Hindus, irrespective of his status.

(b) Educate all Hindus about lurking danger. (ISIS is already in India. Lots of sympathizers and sleeper cells/sympathizers are existing. Wahhabi Muslim, are active in India, supported by Muslim Countries of the world, especially by Saudi Arabia).Educate Hindus how Muslims treated Hindus when Muslims were ruling, India, which will be repeated.

(c)Throw out political parties, in election, who are against Hindus and favoring Muslims.

(d) Be prepared to defend ourselves. Come out on streets to show Hindus objection. All Hindus must UNITE. Realize that, NO Hindu God will come to help Hindus.

5. Unfortunately, majority of Hindus are, not proud of being Hindus. Hindus are mute spectators, of what is happening to them and what is going to happen. Those Hindus, who are protesting /objecting, are in minority, and have feeble voice.


— Major General (Dr) V S Karnik (Retired) PhD (Management)

(2 May 2017)

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