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LAND, more land, virgin land, AMERICAN land!


Having multiplied TEN times the rate of growth of Christians, Hindus and Jews through numerous wives (restricted to FOUR by the Prophet!) there was not enough water for all from ONE oasis near Mecca.

So, the wise Prophet said, “There’s plenty of water, food and LAND in the rest of the world for you. Go and capture it. And MULTIPLY TEN TIMES to cover the whole world!” That’s what they did.

First, they overran Christian Iraq, then the Zoroastrian IRAN, then the Buddhist AFGHANISTAN and then Hindusthan where the capital, DELHI, fell in 1192 AD.

Everywhere it was death, destruction, plunder, forcible abduction and rape. Defeated people started saying, “Curse falls upon the land where Muslims have arrived!” And finally, they struck America like a CURSE while introducing themselves on September 11, 2001.

The year 712 A.D. is important since Islam captured Gibraltar in the West and Sindh in the East. Such was the FORCE of “Jihad” unleashed by teachings of the Prophet as written in the Koran.

Christians in the West have already “met” Islam and feel lucky due to their escape from perpetual (slavery) “dog’s life” after forcing the Turks to lift their strangulating siege at Vienna in 1683 AD. (

Please read the following carefully:

The Siege of Vienna in 1529 was the first attempt by the Ottoman Empire, led by Suleiman the Magnificent, to capture the city of Vienna, Austria. The siege signaled the pinnacle of the Ottoman Empire’s power and the maximum extent of Ottoman expansion in central Europe. Thereafter, 150 years of bitter military tension and reciprocal attacks ensued, culminating in the Battle of Vienna of 1683, which marked the start of the 15-year-long Great Turkish War.

The PERSISTENCE of Muslims to achieve their goal is remarkable. Deduction: Bharat ought to “recover” Srinagar at the earliest if she wants to save Delhi!

We see that in earlier centuries the Christians united to repulse the Muslims (Moors) and recover their lost lands after many battles whereas the Hindus in the East could never raise their heads and when finally, the parting came in 1947, one third of India vanished from the map. It became Pakistan!

There is a lot for the Hindu priests and scholars to think about in order to get our LAND back from the enemy who is waging permanent war against the Infidels!

Partitioned India is desperately struggling to come to terms with her Islam and FEARS second “Partition” in the near future. (NB: Indian LEADERS in 1947 were all cowards and totally USELESS with regard to patriotism. Not even ONE gave the call, “We must defend every inch of our land!”

And today, in 2017, they are still COWARDS. Not one is “educating” the Hindu masses on Partition, leave aside “educating” Europe and America about her own experiences with Islam. The word “Partition” is NEVER mentioned by the ruling establishment in India- from top to bottom, from President to Peon!

What kind of a friend has India proved to be for Europe and America if she never mentions her dreadful Muslims to them? Tomorrow when the Muslims start doing to Europe and America what they did to India, the whole world will curse India for keeping silent like the scared virgin who is raped but never tells anybody out of shame!

With regard to the current RUSH of Muslims to enter Europe and America, it will not be irrelevant to look at the following picture.

Muslim thinkers, who saw the poverty, illiteracy, denial of education to girls and degradation of women and universal unemployment, devised a master plan to change all that.

“Look at them, shivering in the cold, look at their torn and tattered clothes, look at the lice in their hair, look at all the women who cannot step out of home, look at the schools called “madrassas” that have no other book except the Koran, and look at the young men either becoming “Jihadi” or lying in gutter after taking drugs. It can all change overnight.”

“How?”, asked his perplexed friend.

“Send them all to EUROPE and AMERICA. They will all get two square meals every day, warm clothing, new shoes and socks, rent free housing fitted with all modern gadgets & conveniences and central heating and then first class education and jobs at the end of it, to live in comfort for ever- and at NO cost to their parents or their Islamic countries!

“So, tell the millions, DROP WHAT YOU ARE DOING, RUSH TO EUROPE and AMERICA, and get all life’s comforts FREE. And don’t forget the GIRLS galore!”

He could even add, “And all this will be paid for by foolish CHRISTIANS and none will ever ask you to discard mosque but come to church!”

That is the tragedy: Europeans who cry, “It is not fair!”, are threatened with arrest and imprisonment. Civilized countries are divided and close to civil war on account of these uncouth aliens who never treated anybody decently, or said “Thank you!” to the country that welcomed them!”


One ought to ask, “What will happen to the communities already living in Europe and the United States in peace & harmony?”


When they dropped some chemicals in water all the fish died.

When they put a couple of wolves in the sheep pen all the sheep were killed.

In the very land where Islam was born all Non-Muslims were put to sword or converted by force within weeks. One cannot find a single copy of Bible, Gita, Tora or Granth in the whole of Saudi Arabia!

When they introduced Muslims in Afghanistan ALL THE BUDDHISTS VANISHED.

When the Muslims took up residence in North Kashmir ALL THE HINDUS were wiped out.

When the Muslims arrived in West Punjab all the SIKHS became extinct.

And when the I.S. (Islamic State) was established in Syria ALL THE YAZIDIS perished.

(And WHO will bring back all those killed in the World Trade Centre towers in New York in the most horrible manner?)



What ALL of us should be speaking out loud is:

“Donald Trump is the savior of civilization while all the ignorant fools are opposing him!”


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