My comment on the Pluralism discussed at

Commented on 9/22/2016


My comment here is based on my understanding that pluralism is same as multi-culturalism (MC). Based on below reasons I say that MC is not good for Hindustan, but selective MC is fine. By selective MC (SMC) I mean choose those cultures and religions legal that are not intolerant towards tolerant religions and ideologies. Reason(s): – The Vedic dharma and culture of Hindustan is tolerant of all the tolerant faiths and ideologies. Additionally, per the Vedic dharma no Vedic (Hindu) has ever converted anyone by force or enticement; therefore, we the Vedics do not want anyone convert us by force or enticement. Additionally, the Vedics never have invaded non-Vedic countries for conversion, or land grabbing. We just do not do it. – The Vedic is universal dharma for mankind. It is not sectarian. it does not say one race or people are superior or inferior to any other race, not does it say one race should exploit, kill or convert any other race. Vedic dharma provides complete spiritual science for mankind, living per which anyone can advance spiritually. – Vedic dharma and culture provide maximum freedom of thought, speech and action. This cannot be said of Islam or Xianity. – Vedic dharma and culture are eco-friendly. No prescribed dharma practice causes damage to eco-system. – A Vedic has a lot of choice for whom he/she wants to worship. A Vedic can choose to think god as formless, or with one of many specific forms and names as provided Vedic scriptures. This cannot be said of Islam or Xianity. – A Vedic can worship the Supreme God with any of the form (Rama, Krish,a Buddhs, Narashima, Shiva, etc.) or can worship any deva (Indra, varun, Agni, etc.), or any goddess (e.g. Amba, kali, Gurga, etc.). This type of versality is not available in Islam or Xianity. – Any Vedic knows that to speed up spiritual advancement one has to be vegetarian. Islam and Xianity do not understand this. – etc. Based on the above reasons, we the Hindus of Hindustan, which is homeland for the Hindus since millenniums, do not want to give legal status to intolerant religions or ideologies. Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism are offshoots from the Vedic dharma and so are not any problem for Hindustan. Note that while most Muslim countries have all religions, except Islam, illegal; in Hindustan we want all religions, except intolerant religions and ideologies, legal. This I call selective multi-mutualism (SMC). jai sri Krishna! -sv Vedic preacher and purohit

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