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The Hindu future of the world

January 27, 2017, 11:14 PM IST Francois Gautier in Francois Gautier’s blog for TOI | India | TOI


(Skanda987 has added words in parenthesis, and his comment at the end of the article.)


Happy Republic Day, my Hindu brothers and sisters!

Happy? Well the future of Hindus in India is endangered: Hindus are becoming a minority in many parts of Kerala (Santhosh, a BJP worker, was recently murdered in Kannur), in Assam, in West Bengal and some districts of UP and Bihar. They cannot start a business, buy land or build a house in Jammu and Kashmir, but Kashmiris from the Valley open shops all over India, though they don’t feel they belong to this country. Hindu temples – still under the BJP Govt – are subject to Government control and their funds are seized, while mosques and churches are totally free.


In a land where Hindus are the overwhelming majority, Hindus are still a fair target for its Media, its intellectuals, NGO’s and even the Judiciary. Their traditions and ancient customs, such as Holi colors, Jallikattu or firecrackers, are being eroded and made fun off.


The Constitution of India favors minorities, to which it grants many rights – to divorce upon pronouncing three words, subsidies to fly to the Mecca, a foreign country that has often been inimical to India, grants to Christian schools who indoctrinate Hindus, to madrassas that fanaticize their youth – but no such thing to Hindus, especially if they do not belong to the lower castes.


Brahmins have become ostracized in many parts of India, like in Tamil Nadu, where they have very little access to Govt posts, but the Government, both Central and State, goes overboard to please the Muslim minority so as to get their ever more powerful vote; which is sometimes enough to get elected – is it not so, Mrs. Mamata Banerjee?

The world of literature, intelligentsia and Journalism is peopled by Hindus indeed – but descendants of Macaulay’s children, who forever see India through the very negative prism of western eyes and culture and keep denigrating and downgrading their own culture.

Christian children learn catechism in their schools and churches, Muslim kids are all taught the Koran at a very young age, regardless of the class they come from, but Hindu children are not grounded in the Bhagavad Gita, the greatest book of knowledge ever, that should become the Bible of the future of this Planet, nor in Kalidasa, one of the most brilliant poets ever – on par with Shakespeare, nor do they know about Sri Aurobindo’s Foundations of Indian Culture or Life Divine – some of the major works of philosophy, that haven’t lost a single line of relevance in a hundred years.


On the contrary, in their schools and universities, they are taught only western concepts and subjects that make them lose their Hindu-ness and become good for export- indeed, the greatest brain drain in the world, is that of the Hindus, who go to enrich the faculties and research centers, and medical corps and engineering and software reservoirs all over the world, particularly in the US, UK and Canada, never come back and their children and grandchildren are lost forever for India.


But it’s in politics that Hindus are the most deprived. Though there is today a Hindu party in power, most of the outward actions of the Government and the Prime Minister are not for the Hindus – whose support is taken for granted – but towards the minorities. The Prime Minister and its core group will take care to wish Muslims on their holy festivals, to receive Muslim dignitaries – for this Republic Day Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahya – or Muslim actors, such as Aamir Khan, who makes fun of Hindus in his films, but they mostly ignore Hindus and their leaders.


We see that Europe and the US are not ashamed to proclaim themselves as Christian countries. Forget about Donald Trump, even an Obama, who has African and Muslim roots, is sworn in on the Bible and prays fervently to the Christ. But in India, the word ‘Hindu’ is dirty and we see no politicians or the government swear by the Gita or the Upanishads.


Yet, the knowledge that stands behind Hinduism, can save the world. For Hinduism is not a religion, but a universal spirituality that recognizes that God can manifest Himself or Herself at different times, using different names and different scriptures. This is why a Hindu today is able to enter a mosque or a church, but the reverse is not true. Indeed, Hindu tolerance has been a one-way traffic and the Hindu genocide has been the most cruel in the history of Humanity.


It is recorded too: Teimur’s killing of a hundred thousand Hindus in one day is history, Yes, Mr. Saif Ali Khan, you did not name your son innocently. So is Aurangzeb’s cruelty towards Hindus, their temples and their customs, in thousands of firmans (orders) with the Emperor’s seal.


Nevertheless, Hindus continue to (foolishly) accept others (the aggressive anti-Hindus) regardless of this bloodshed; and their spiritual leaders such as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, teach techniques that can be practiced not only by Hindus, but also by Muslims, Christians, and Chinese… Meditation, hatha yoga and pranayama are taking the world by storm and more and more of this (Vedic) Knowledge, that comes from India, (and the Hindus believe) will permeate the world and lead it from Darkness to Light:

asato ma sad gamaya

Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya

Mrtyor ma amritam gamaya



Lead us from non-being to being

Lead us from darkness to light

Lead us from death to immortality


DISCLAIMER: Views expressed above are the author’s own.



(Skand987’s comment:

The Vedics need to know dharma as it is from Bhagavad Gita, which is a 700-verse summary of the 20,000-hymn Vedas, and the live per dharma correctly. Gita/Bhagavan Krishna says:

द्वौ भूतसर्गौ लोकेस्मिन् दैव आसुर एव च।

This verse says that in the material world there always are (and will be) more or less people with asiric mentality. The solution for the suras is to subdue or kill the asuras (and declare the asuric religions illegal) who constantly rob the freedom of the suras, their lives, women, land, property, and honor, and strive to dominate over the suras. Per this dhrma, Arjun killed his beloved Bhishma, and Drona, and others because they took the side of adharmi Duryodhan. The only solution for the survival of the Vedic dharma in the Vedic’s homeland Hindustan is to make Hindustan a Vedic State, not “secular.” Please read short articles at below link for full rationale:


Please share this with all the Vedics you know.

Jai sri Krishna!



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