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From: Colonel Y V Tuli (Retd) < >


Subject: Basic Knowledge About Sikh Panthies


While not commenting on what many of you have written about the “Khalistani Sikhs”, I would like to clarify that “Sikhism” is not a separate religion like Islam, Christianity, Buddhism etc. It is just another sect within the parameters of “Hinduism” legally under all the Indian Laws like Jains, Agarwals, Yadavs, Jats and others.


“Sikh” is a Punjabi word meaning “seekhne wala” – and is being used as a twisted syllable from its original word “sikshak” (a student) [In Gujarati and Hindi the word ‘shikkshak’ means teacher. – Skanda987] just like “Taliban” (a student) is derived from the original Pushto word “Talib”.


Sikhs are also divided in to many sects. The two main sects are “Jats” and “Majbhis (dalits)”. Thus, the Indian Army also has two different type of Regiments – one for “Jat” sikhs called “The —–Sikh Regt” and “The——–Sikh Light Infantry”. As Snatani Brahmans do not allow Hindu dalits enter their temples, similarly “Majbhi” sikhs are debarred from entering “Jat” Gurudwaras.


Akali sikhs, who are primarily “Jat” sikhs are more aggressive in nature because they had been serving under the Britishers right from the times Maharaja Ranjit Singh – the only sikh king ever – died and his heir were taken to England where they all converted to Christianity.


They had been good fighters throughout World War I and World War II. Consequently, most of them were awarded with acres and acres of arid land in erstwhile Punjab (now Pakistan), dug special canals for them from the five rivers and, with their hard work, Punjab became top in wheat and other harvest growing. This brought in a big gap of riches between “Jat” sikhs and “bania” Hindus.


All the first nine Sikh gurus carried their Hindu names till their death while preaching “bannis” of

Baba Nam Dev, Kabir, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and many others. It was the 10th Guru, born Gobind Rai to father – the 9th Guru, Guru Teg Bahadur, who changed his followers to become “warriors” so that they could fight against Mughal King Aurangzeb who was then killing Hindus, left and right.


Till about a century ago, all their Gurudwaras were manned by Hindu Mahants, including the Hari Mandir Sahib and they used to celebrate all Hindu festivals like Diwali, Dushera, Ram Navami, Krishna Ashtami. This practice was stopped later by Akalis during 1930s.


Their original Granth, written by the 10 Gurus, is not with Akalis. It had been declared the ancestral property of the descendants of the first Guru and is available in Kartarpur (Jalandhar Dist’t) under the order of the Privy Council of England – order delivered during late 1800s.


Colonel Y V Tuli (Retd)



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