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Dear Fellow Bharatiya,

I hope these facts/truth, are known to our leaders in India but they never discuss for one & only reason, the Muslims will not cast their votes to  them. This is what Hindus majority have been dealing since “partition” of India. This is what must change in the minds of Sanaatani-Hindus who in turn must take equal & total responsibility. This can be just one reason besides many others to declare each & every Muslims a non-citizen in the land of Vedic India. Does this mean, India should not allow Muslims to live? No, this means, your citizenship is revoked and you must find another country, possibly Pakistan to be a citizen to follow their Islam and it’s sharia Laws.

The “Partition” of India was only based upon religion. Indian Muslims demanded separate country under the leadership of Jinnah. Pakistan was born. Pakistanis never allowed left over Hindu men & women to live in peace in their country. On the contrary, Hindus in India have been tolerating all kind of Muslims’ atrocities in their own country. Why should India not bring all remaining Hindu from Pakistan and send each & every Muslim to Pakistan? This is what seems to be only solution for real change is social, political & religious sovereignty of India.

However, this is not going to happen unless we, the Hindus must reject current constitution and replace with a new one, may be called Hindustan Samvidhaan.
Dr. Kumar Arun

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