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Amit ji,


This e-mail from a highly respectable senior citizen, can move anyone’s eyes to tears. It describes the shockingly sad plight of Hindus in East Bengal that was handed back by Political “WITCH” Indira (Maimoona Begum) to the Muslims to ensure that such treatment of Hindus CONTINUES till the last one vanished.


Like her father in 1947, she did not INSIST on any guarantee in 1972, ensuring the safety of HINDUS after the Indian TERRITORY was handed over to the Muslims.


I just don’t know what to say to him when Bharat Sarkar is “DEAD” as far as these Hindus are concerned though, as the whole world knows, GOVERNMENT OF BHARAT bears full moral responsibility for their safety and dignity.






21 Dec 16



From: Jhansi < >

Subj: Re: Minority College Student abducted and murdered for ransom at Satkhira Dis…


Dear Shri Rajput ji, A crusader for the cause of Hindus world over, Saprem Namastey!

Re your above mail, please allow me to reply by quoting a few personal episodes which I had seen in NEWLY FORMED BANGLADESH:

  1. About Seventy Lacs Hindus plus thirty Lacs Muslims were forcibly sent back to BANGLADESH after its liberation from Pakistan by late INDIRA GANDHI’s govt.
  2. Soon after my arrival there, I had reported to our INDIAN HIGH COMMISSION at Dhaka, where I was directed to meet the two dedicated Indian Defense Attaches, Brig. Chakraborty & Wing Commander Saini. (I do NOT remember their First names).

They told me of their own problems of Working in absolute IMPOSSIBLE KIND OF SITUATION as Bangladesh’s Intelligence had put up a Paan- BEEDI shop in front of the front gate of their embassy & were throwing Search Lights on even in the residential premises of staff as a result they had to draw Thick Curtains all the time & that Bangladesh Intelligence vehicles were following their Staff even when the Women were going out to make some daily purchases.

According to them, they had complained / reported about it along with many other things that they had seen against Returnee Hindus including rapes & abduction of Hindu women to our the then foreign affairs ministry, but they were told to ignore all such things.

As i was the then group general manager- international trade & wanted to buy many things from bangladesh for a few millions, i was treated as a v.i.p. Bangladesh’s top industry, like our stc, named “bangladesh chemical industries corporation” were my host. They were producing or exporting almost everything from bangladesh. Their chairman was one mr mosharraf hossain & a few of the executives (names i do not remember) were always in my attendance.

Well, to cut my story short, one day when i had visited their jhaveri bazar alone, i had seen with my own eyes a hindu girl being auctioned fr just rs. 15/- & when a musical instrumental seller quoting 500/taka for a sitar (equivalent to our indian rs.250/- then ), my casual saying that “the price is too much”, the old hindu bengali told me that whatever i may please i can pay even inr rs. Ten but buy it as he & his son had not eaten a morsel of grain for last three days. I immediately paid inr rs five hundred to him & told him that i donot want to buy anything, keep the money with him. Then the old man & his son started weeping & had told me ” dada ” they had a large family but these thankless muslim bengalese had taken awy all the women folk per force and had killed the male folk, just two of them now left……..

In the evening, in my room when i was watching the tv along with a few of that “bcic” executives, a hindu bengalee girl singer was singing: “amar sona bangla……” but she had soon started crying, so that tv channel’s authorities had abruptly cancelled that program

In chittagong when i was visiting bci’s flat glass factory, the gen. Mgr. Had asked his employees to bring & show some samples to me, since the actual factory was on the other part of the area, the two poor bengalee workers naturally took some time in going there, cutting samples for me & bring these to show to me; just then that muslim gen.mgr. Threw all the pieces of those sharp glasses at them, had they not ducked at once, they wd have been killed or seriously injured on the spot.

Then the gm had the audacity to rebuke those two workers, cursing them that “…….. You two only hindu workers are left in the factory……one day you both will be burnt alive in the boiler……..”i was totally stunned.

In the evening that “bcic” chairman took me to their chittagong chamber of commerce to introduce me to some of the top businessmen. When i had asked a few hindu big hindu businessmen to migrate to india, they had answered me: ” they are quite safe……& declined my offer…….”

In chittagong when i had met a hindu ‘sheel babu “, he had a very heart rendering pathetic story that he had “……..three daughters, when they were returning from school, they were kidnapped by these bangladeshi fanatic muslims…. He never knows when he may also be killed…….” and so on, sir!

As an international wagabond traveller with intense patriotism in my blood, i am full of similar tragic stories. Wherever i travel, i report to our defence attache’s and am able to do a little of my nationalistic work with my heart crying, feeling helpless and seeing the close of eyes by our foreign ministry, home ministry within india also.

So yr above story is just an addition to my various tragic helplessness memories, sir!

Best regards,

S c gupta.


P.s.: pl. Free to circulate my above mail amongst yr contacts, if you so desire.


On 18 December 2016 at 08:01, Rajput < > wrote:

So tragic. So sad. So moving. But such sad feelings belong to only 0.0001 percent of Hindus in Bharat.


The rest (the MOST) are “secular”, that is, nonattached, de-linked, nonaligned, even “tamaash been” who are saying, “Only one Hindu! What is all the fuss about?”


Hence not one MP will mention Goutam Sarkar (e-mail below), in Lok Sabha tomorrow though they will sit, rows upon rows like the chattering parrots on the telegraph lines!


Now the question is, “How can we save and defend the Hindus who were BETRAYED by Nehru & Gandhi (Who else?) in 1947?”


Did barrister NEHRU not know that all the “happily” SURRENDERED territories (nearly one third of India) will go under the ISLAMIC Constitution that will be based on “anti Kafir, anti-female, anti-Hindu, anti-Jew, anti-Christian, anti-Buddhist and anti-sanity” SHARIA Law?


And did he not know that the status of a Hindu (Kafir) under any ISLAMIC Constitution is meant to be WORSE than that of a dog or a slave?


Goutam Sarkar, the 19-year old brilliant Hindu student in ISLAMIC Bangladesh, the “light of his parent’s’ eyes”, is not the only Hindu (or member of a minority community in Bangladesh) murdered that we have heard of.


SINCE 1947 the fate of Hindus in those FIVE provinces surrendered so quickly, and without any condition, has been the SAME, even WORSE.


And the Government of India (Bharat), that has MORAL responsibility for all those BETRAYED Hindus, have looked the OTHER way! The problem lies in NEW DELHI, not in Dhaka, Karachi or Lahore. Let us be honest. Let us be bold. Let us honor the country’s motto: “Satyam Vijayate!”


Let us tell Government of Bangladesh, “Every Hindu in your “bogus” Republic (created by Nehru’s daughter, Muslim convert Indira Gandhi, in 1972) is automatically the CITIZEN OF INDIA. *


When “hijdas” are SWEPT AWAY as so often happened in previous CENTURIES, the Hindus in the sub-continent will either all be made to wear the “dog collar” of slavery, or CONVERTED or KILLED. End of the problem, since we see no chance of pseudo-secular Bharat becoming “Hindu Rashtra” in the near future!

Pray, TELL US. How else can we impress the two ISLAMIC republics on either side so that they consider our deterrent or even take notice of our existence?



18 Dec 16

* Like a “na-laa-ik” (remedial / backward) pupil, who resorts to copying in exams, let Government of India COPY the Government of former WEST Germany.


The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany (BRD) declared, as per Constitution, “Every citizen of German Democratic Republic (DDR) will be considered the citizen of BRD and has the right to come and claim citizenship, job and accommodation here!”


BRD= Bundesrepublik Deutschland. (West Germany)

DDR= Deutsche Demokratische Republic. (East Germany)



In a message dated 12/18/2016 1:15:29 A.M. GMT Standard Time, writes:

On Saturday, December 17, 2016 1:01 PM, BANGLADESH MINORITY WATCH Rabindra <> wrote:


Goutam Sarkar (19) Minority Brilliant Hindu College Student abducted and thereafter murdered for ransom. His dead body was traced from a pond near Mohadebnagar village of Satkhira District. On Saturday, last mutilated dead body of Goutam Sarkar traced from the pond. (Source: The daily Jugantor dated 17.12.2016)


Fact of the Case:

It is alleged that the agitated people of the village set fire on the houses of perpetrators. Goutam was the student of 1st year Political Science of Simanta Adarsha College at Satkhira. He was the only son of Ganesh Sarkar of Ward No.1 of Ghona Union of Satkhira District.


In this connection police arrested five killers namely 1) Nazmul Hasan of village Bharkhali, 2) Sahadat Moral, 3) Monirul Sana, 4) Saju Sheikh of Mohadevpur and 5) Md.Shaown of Surighata Area. It is also alleged that the perpetrators with ill motive called victim-Goutam Sarkar over mobile phone and after abduction the perpetrators demanded ransom money Taka 10,00,000/- (Ten lacks) from the father of the victim. Father of the victim totally failed to recover his son alive despite the money was tendered to perpetrators. Thereafter the arrested Nazmul Hasan confessed and the dead body of the victim was traced with the help of killer- Nazmul Hasan. More perpetrators responsible for murder are Sahadat, Saju and Monirul Sana was also arrested.


I, Adv. Rabindra Ghosh of BDMW hurriedly contacted with Md.Feroz Hoasain Mollah- Officer in Charge of Satkhira Sadar police station over his mobile number 01713374141 who admitted the incidents of such horrible in nature and a case being Satkhira Sadar P.S. Case No.31 dated 16.12.2016 under section 364/34 of penal code has been recorded and the O.C. also informed me that more section 302 of penal code would be included in the F.I.R. lodged by father of the victim. The Officer in Charge of the P.S. said at least five perpetrators had been arrested in this connection. And the investigation is going on for more details.




Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW)is very much shocked at the incident of abduction and murder of Goutam Sarkar. BDMW also demand:


1) The more perpetrators responsible for abating crime against this minority student should be traced and the killers responsible for such a murder should be investigated by an inquiry team consisting Judges of the Court for proper adjudication of the matter.


The perpetrators should be PUNISHED t as per law and compensation to the victim’s family should be paid immediately. The process of ethnic cleansing should be stopped.,-%E0%A6%97%E0%A7%8D%E0%A6%B0%E0%A7%87%E0%A6%AB%E0%A6%A4%E0%A6%BE%E0%A6%B0-%E0%A7%AB


Adv. Rabindra Ghosh

Founder President, Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW)

12, K.M. Das Lane, Tikatully, Wari PS, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Mobile: 01711172468


Where India and particularly Hindus are concerned, the media have utterly failed to discharge their obligations rather, they take the meekness of the majority Hindus.


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