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These Laws of Ideology, like Newton’s Laws of Motion, are Truths as seen in human societies. They apply universally. These have been discovered after decades of observation, study and deductions. The collection below is, therefore, unique.

We commend a short pause after reading each and then reflecting on the circumstances and conditions in which they will hold good.


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15 Feb 14.


  1. One coward or traitor is acceptable but collective cowardice is not, since it leads to centuries of slavery for all.


  1. Peace and prosperity in a country depend upon its MAJORITY COMMUNITY dominating (defending) their land (“dharti” or territory) in a virile and manly manner.


  1. A minority for its survival acquires (imbibes) a higher rate of self-consciousness, zeal, fervor, motivation and awareness of identity due to sense of insecurity, and ultimately prevails over a passive majority.


  1. All the followers of prophets and messiahs born in Hindusthan belong to one great harmonious religious family that is quite different from the followers of those born in Middle East. The type of soil, culture, history and climate determine not only thought and action but also the outlook on life & the propensity or volition to act.


  1. In Hindusthan (Bharat) those who do not need to look towards a foreign spot for spiritual inspiration & salvation have a very different mentality and outlook from those who look towards Rome, Jerusalem or Mecca for their salvation.


  1. If you have wolves (predators) around your house, then you cannot be a sheep!


Corollary: If your neighbors are wild and poor while you possess diamonds, gold and silver, then shut your doors tightly (seal your frontiers, have strict border control).

  1. Law of Ideology dictates: “None is born a terrorist but rotten, corrupt and dynastic (of one dynasty) governments and religious fanaticism & brainwashing make them terrorists.”

Corollary: “Look not at the defective product. Look at the maker!”

  1. To see what comes naturally to a beast in cage, one has to set it fee in jungle.

Corollary: To find out what the Muslims living in the United Kingdom, the EU, the USA or Partitioned India will do eventually, is to go and see them in Islamic “jungles” where they have the law & power in their own hands, for example in Boko Haram (Nigeria), Taliban (Afghanistan), Isil (Iraq and Syria), Al Shabab (Somalia), Al Qaida (Libya) and Taliban (Pakistan). There they are using their FREEDOM & KNOWLEDGE to do “what comes naturally to Mohammed”, that is, hijack ships and ‘planes, burn libraries, destroy 1500-year-old statues, ancient temples and relics, capture women and girls to rape and sell them on, and behead hostages. Break up of peaceful secular India in bloodshed in 1947 was the classic example.

Advice to Christians, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists and Atheists who fear “Muslim Tsunami”: “Either NIP THE EVIL IN THE BUD, or pack up and ESCAPE well in time!”


The perception of the others is based on one’s own self-perception, sense of morality and state of civilization. In other words, those who are good readily trust the bad guys. That is the Law behind the Hindus loving the Muslims, trusting their enemies, and the women trusting their rapists.

Simple, honest and trusting Hindus could never imagine that Nehru was an imperial agent, a traitor and a crook, who would stop our advancing troops in Kashmir, that Mr. MK Gandhi would so easily “fizzle out” in 1947 and see India reduced by one third in size overnight, and Mrs. Indira Gandhi (Maimoona Begum) would return our own captured territory to Islam, again without a single condition or guarantee for the safety of minorities. We, the people of Bharat, sincerely believed that NEHRU was a patriot and Gandhi a holy soul like Guru Tegh Bahadur.

  1. Those brainwashed by an ideology, masquerading as religion that exhorts its adherents to kill Kafirs, Jews and Christians, end up in killing one another. The homicidal venom is “color blind”.
  2. “Cowards are half dead already, waiting to die completely!”
  3. “Those who do too much “pooja and paaTh” (devote excessive time to worship), are either pushed up the trees or driven down the caves.”

Corollary: For survival on earth with honor & dignity a nation has to be strong (possess “SHAKTI”), able to fend off the predators, invaders, exploiters and enemies.


20 December, 2016.

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