Understanding Bhaarat’s Swadeshi Movement

By Suresh Vyas, Vedic Preacher and Purohit


Most Bhaartiyas usually think of swadeshi products and services when they advocate usage of them. Freedom means non-dependence upon others. Less you depend on others, more free you are, and so happier you are. Same for a nation. When a nation does not buy foreign products or services, it inspires people of the nation to create such products or services. Competition among them inspires to produce higher quality products at lower price. So, a nation that depends less and less on foreign products and services is more and more happy. So, it enjoys more economic freedom and independence.


There are few countries that do not depend on other countries. Bhaarat is capable to become economically most independent on other countries. So, what are Bhaarat’s assets?

They are:

  1. Natural resources
  2. Natural boundaries (some are messed up after 1947 partition)
  3. Access to sea along half of the border
  4. Size of population that includes scientists, engineers, industrialists, dharma gurus and aacharyas, huge population of young people, etc.
  5. Most ancient and universal Vedic Dharma with a huge library of four Vedas, Upanishads, eighteen Puranas, Upa-Puranas, six philosophies, many darshans, Ramayan, Mahabharat, etc. These scriptures provide complete science of spirituality for mankind that helps anyone advance spiritually. This cannot be said for foreign religions. So, we the Vedics have our own ways how to live happily at individual level to national level to global level.

Therefore, when we insist that Bhaaratiyas use swadeshi products and services, we also need to insist that we also use Vedic ways on how to form a government or its constitution, how the politicians need to come to power positions, and how they should use their power. The construct or concept of “democracy” or “multiculturalism” or “protection of minority” or the current constitution of Bhaarat are not Vedic.

We need to replace democracy with Vedic system of government where justice is cheap and relatively faster to attain. Gov’t needs to create laws such that most people get decent income, and unemployment is very low. Gov’t needs to provide effective security, protection and safety to society.

We need to amend the constitution pro-Vedic. Then only can we make Bhaarat a Vedic State, not secular. A short article at below link describes defects of democracy.


Vedic Bhaarat State should be free from such defects.

In short, we not only should use swadeshi products and services, but should also use our own Vedic ways and wisdom for personal or social or political actions. The names of the people, places, roads, etc. should be Vedic names which then retains Vedic heritage. Our schools and universities should teach Vedic subjects, true history, etc. That means the faculty and teachers should be Vedic. Politicians should also be Vedic, and each politician should have a bona fide Vedic guru as advisor in political matters. The gov’t processes should be so transparent that it will be impossible to give or take bribes.

Vedic police departments and officers will not dance on the verbal orders of politicians, but will conduct their business per set policies, rules and regulations. If just the police depart works effectively then, the people will love the government in power.

Vedic dharma, as e.g. summarized in Bhagavad Gita, is not tolerant of intolerant faiths or ideologies. Therefore, in Vedic Bhaarat State Islam, Christianity, and Communism, etc. will be illegal. These religions are foreign, not swadeshi. The current Hindustani Muslims will have a choice of either to quit Islam formally, or to get out of Hindustan.

Jai sri Krishna!






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