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Subject: Comparison of Salient Points of Hinduism, Islam and Christianity

We are no scholars or pundits in religion to undertake such difficult a task. On top of that a comparative study, which any day more difficult. Comparative studies of religions, history, literature, etc., are among the more difficult courses in the Universities. And, many colleges do not have such courses.

(Skanda987’s comment: Religions can be compared using universal criteria provided at this link: Footnotes in this article are added by Suresh Vyas, Vedic preacher and purohit.)

Yet, we felt impelled to undertake this task for whatever worth it is.

 # Hinduism Islam Christianity
1. Has many God & Godesses[1] Has only Allah Has only Jesus Christ
2. Does not believe in bigamy and polygamy and polyandry [2] Can legitimately has four wives Do not have any sanctity to the institution of marriage
3. Does not advocate sex with child Does not allow sex with child, whom he can marry after her puberty Nothing is known
4. Does not advocate divorce Can say talaq thrice on even telephone Nothing is known
5. For a Hindu, a visit to the temple is not mandatory For Muslim namaz five times is compulsory and visit to the mosques is a must For a Christian, a visit to the church on Sunday is normal
6. Has nothing of that sort[3] Muslims wants Sharia law to be introduced No such things
7. Do not convert anyone by force or enticement. Conversion is by doing Jihad, that is the duty for all Muslim Believe in conversion and thrive on it. In the past. E.g. in Goa, they forced conversion o Hindus.
8. Hindu temple do not have any land holding[4] Muslim land holding is substantial, such as walkalf of property is Churches in india are the largest land holders
9. Hindus have never invaded any country Islam has lived thrived on that in history It has been the same story as with Islam
10. Hindus Burn their deads Muslims bury their deads Bury their deads
11. Do not indulging such practice they have only JHATAKA system which means killing the goat (only goat) in one go the gives least pain to the animal. Muslims are particular they are served only Halal Meat. Process of halal involves more pain (slow death) to the goat/cow/buffalo/camel Christians are now a days pandering to the Muslims by way of taking care that the Muslims are served only halal meat
12. Hindus have many religious scriptures like Vedas, Upanishad, Ramayan, Mahabharat, 18 Puranas, Six Darshans, etc.. Beside the Quran Islam has Hadis, Sura Have their Bible with Old and New testament
13. Population In India is going down due to conversions of killing by Muslims or Christians Muslim have bourgeoning growth and studies have shown faster urbanization of Muslims in India which is rather significant Christains have been growing rather fast[5]


Reference the Item No 9. Examples large-scale violence indulged in by the Christians are Spanish Inquisition, Nazi Holocaust, Auschwitz 1942.

In respect of Hindu temples, the State governments have taken over the management of temple funds, which are large. A case is pending at the Supreme Court on this. The governments have no business to do that.

However, they dare not intervene in Muslim’s Walkf Board property or to take back some parts of the Church property for better and fruitful utilization

Not as a comparative study, it is worth noting the oft quoted fact that everybody born is a Hindu. You have to be baptised to be Christian, you have to undergo a surgical operation to be a Muslim. This also fits in with the fact that Hinduism does not believe in conversion. You are a Hindu if you follow the Hindu way of living, without being idolatrous.

Incidentally, there is a big commonality between the  communists and the Muslims. Muslims and Communists believe in international brotherhood and not in nationalism. Muslims believe in Umma, that is, universal brotherhood.

At a national seminar organised by us a lady professor, who was a committed communist, therefore, openly suggested “Let us all convert to Islam. That will solve many problems. This is downright intellectual perversion.

Record of violence by the Christian are Spanish Inquisition [1478–1834], Nazi Holocaust (January 30, 1933 – May 8, 1945) and Auschwitz (October 1942).

Connected with point No 13 is also the issue of Common Civil Code. We know many including an eminent former Chief Justice of a High Court, this one measure would at one stroke solve 90 percent of the Hindu-Muslim problem. Detailed study of this problem has justified this and has been communicated to the Union government, Again, vote bank politics comes on the way.

The Muslim Personal Law Board is bitterly against it. In the Southern State of Kerala, the Muslims and Christians have jointly demanded the withdrawal of government privileges beyond two children, as recommended by a judicial commission.

Urdu Press in India plays a very damaging role. It virtually plays an anti-govt and provocation role. Nowadays, the AIR news bulletins in Hindi is more Urduised, Earlier, this used to be Sanskitised. The lingua franca of the common Muslims is Urdu. The Urdu Press Council, whose meetings we have attended, hardly plays constructive role.

Incidentally, we are aware that the US Consulate in Calcutta helped promote the Urdu Press in Calcutta.

There is a discrimination between Hindus and Muslims In India. Muslims in India get Haj subsidy, which has been challenged in the court of law. Govts in the past did not have the courage to fight out the case for the sake of vote bank politics. The present NDA government do not have the desire to fight this about for the sake of vote bank politics. Such Haj subsidy is not available to the Muslims in any other Muslim country, including Pakistan. Hindus in India have no subsidy to visit places of pilgrimage like a visit to Manos Sarobar, Amarnath or even Varanasi. The government only failtate pilgrimage visits to Manas Sarobor (for safety against physical hazards to  Amarnath to protect them against Kashmiri militants But, the Hindus in Kashmir have often to fight for this security protection, that the state government seem to be doing grudgingly.

The lack of any privilege as Hajs subsidy to a place of pilgrimage like Vasanashi or any are any arrangement to a visit like Varansi is appalling. The iconic yugapurus Swamiji had said, “India is my old- age Varanashi”

For the Christians, a visit to Bethlehem could be pilgrimage. We are not aware of any Haj like subsidy for that.


Well, Friends, we have put in whatever is known to us. If there has been any mistake, that has creeped in unwittingly. We beg apology for that.

There are very significant security implications, especially in respect of the item no 13 as well as the commonality between the communists and the Muslims.

In case more facts are known to you, please be kind enough to share that with us. That would an education to us.

Incidentally, it was a tough job to put the details in the form of the tabular chart that we have attempted for the sake proper appreciation of the facts.

[1] The Supreme God is one, with three main forms. Many Devas and devis are not Supreme but are under the Supreme God. The God, and dea devis have many names that signify some characteristic of god, or pastime of god.

[2] Per dharma Kshatrias are allowed to keep more wives, but legitimately, not by force. Additionally, a Hindu is free to keep more wives if he can support large family that can live happily.

[3] Hindus strive to live sin-free and in harmony with nature per dharma as is described in Bhagavad Gita. Hinduism provides maximum freedom of thought, speech and action, but within the bounds of dharma if they care to realize god, or got to haven or get freedom from birth/death cycles.

[4] Some entity usually owns the temple, or temple land.

[5] Many intelligent Christians are quitting Christianity. Many Churches are closing in Western countries.

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